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Case report writing physician servie

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    The case report is the initial method of medicinal communication. It is a kind of developing new knowledge through clinical practices. Often, a report will discuss signs and symptoms of a disease, its diagnostic procedure and following treatment. For Instance, a case complication of an existing disease with new treatment procedure or, unusual or adverse side effects will be reported as a clinical case report.

    At Pubrica, our team of experts has a wide range of experience and expertise in identifying the category and structure of your case report according to the standardised format. Our experienced research team will then helps to develop a clear and concise case report as per the requirements, and our team has experience in designing the study in a scientific manner that meets only the objectives of the study fulfilled.

    So, what is the Medical Case report?

    Clinical case reporting is communicating to the medical fraternity about an unusual or previously unknown condition, a rare presentation or a new complication of a known disease, or a new approach for curing a common disease.  It can also be said as a detailed report of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient. 

    CCRs are the first-line of evidence of medical literature and the cornerstones of medical progress to provide new ideas in medicine. It is a rapid short communication between busy clinicians short of time to do large scale research. Some of the MCRs contain an extensive review of the relevant literature on the topic.

    What are the key elements to be incorporated into a CCR?

    The following are the key elements to be included in CCR for its successful publication in reputed journals:

    • The given title should precisely reflect the case with a list of the full names, institutional address and email addresses for all authors (e.g. “end the title with”….a case report” or …two case reports” or “… a case series”)
    • The Abstract should be short and sweet, not exceeding 350 words. The abstract should be structured into Background, an introduction, case presentation, brief details of patients, a brief conclusion.
    • The introduction or background serves as the sales pitch for the rest of the manuscript. Therefore, it should present a clear, concise and precise message of the case, including the disorder, and progression and an explanation. Remember, the case should involve a new or unusual or previously unknown health issues
    • Case presentation: should present all relevant details including demographic information, medical history of the patient, symptoms and signs, any tests that were carried out. The case should be presented in a chronological order, starting with the primary compliant followed by physical examination, along with pertinent investigation. It should be structured properly structured as per the guidelines of the journal
    • Discussion section should evaluate the patient case for accuracy, uniqueness, and validity and compare and contrast the case report with the published literature
    • Conclusion should be short and concise with clear take home message.
    • The references used should be appropriate and correct