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What is the hottest DeFi project right now?

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    There are many types of DeFi projects on the market today. For each type, you will find some promising startups. For example,

    • Decentralized exchanges - IDEX, Waves Dex, Bancor Network
    • Landing Platforms - Compound, MakerDAO, Nuo Network
    • Insurance - Nexus Mutial, ETHERISC, VouchForMe

    However, some of the most profitable DeFi products are DeFi aggregators as they combine multiple protocols to provide users with the ultimate benefit. According to Messari, about 20% of the total trading volume of non-custodial Ethereum exchanges is generated with the help of DeFi-aggregators.

    DeFi aggregator is a platform that collects information from various DeFi services. Thanks to this, users can find profitable DeFi solutions using a single interface without opening dozens of tabs on different sites. Aggregators are designed to allow users to get the full benefit from the DeFi sphere. For example, DEX-aggregators platforms like 1inch enable users to exchange crypto-assets at the most favorable rate with minimal "slippage".

    Aggregators are a fairly new phenomenon in DeFi and benefit both parties. Users can trade more profitably and make money. Also, aggregators assist services to find their customers, as well as increase their liquidity. So, this is one of the most suitable ways for a DeFi startup to promote itself.

    Now the most popular players on the market are 1inch, Value DeFi, but new solutions are frequently emerging. Since the niche is new, you can create your own aggregator and entice users. My company will be happy to help you with this. 

    If you are planning to start your business with Decentralized Finance DeFi platform, Zodeak provides the reputed DeFi Development Services that renders inbuilt features and functionalities like,

    Email: sales@cryptocurrencyscript.com

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