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What to Consider When Hiring an Architectural Photographer

  • When it comes to companies that fall into the industrial markets, there are various types of photography that can be used to grab the attention of their target audience, some of which include industrial product shots, architectural photography, or on-location photography. For the purpose of this article, the main focus will be placed on architectural photography. When highlighting and promoting one’s construction and architecture project, it is of vital importance that creative architecture photography be seen as a crucial investment. Think about it, without the help of a professional and creative photographer, how else will the architect’s or designer’s vision be captured?

    Now, when it comes to selecting these types of photographers, the process should involve a lot more consideration than simply opting for the first photographer you come across. Instead, you need to do your research, and take several different factors into account. To assist you, some of these factors will be mentioned and discussed below.

    • The experience the photographer has in this field of photography: Creative architecture photography is an artform and requires extensive skill, and years of experience. Before selecting a photographer, look at their website and get a feel for their unique style. It would also help to research who they have worked with. That way, you will be able to see whether they are as experienced as they claim to be.


    • The lighting capabilities and techniques used by the photographer: In instances where there is lack of adequate lighting, will the photographer be able to maintain the beauty and integrity of a building without the usual ‘normal’ lighting, such as if there were to be an evening shoot.


    • The photographer’s post production skill: In some cases, there will be parts of a building that simply do not photograph well. In these instances, it helps if the photographer can make use of their post production techniques to produce an image that appears natural and balanced.


    • Whether the photographer shows an understanding of what you want: When meeting with a photographer, or consulting with them, it is of utmost importance that you are very clear on the types of images you want, and what you would like to portray through these images. Do you feel the photographer understands what you want the final outcome to be? Do they show an interest in your input?


    • Whether the photographer can capture detail: When it comes to creative architecture photography, capturing detail and intricate designs is a must. Therefore, it would be wise to ask the photographer to show you examples of when they captured details in an interesting way. This will give you an idea on what you can expect.


    • Finally, the photographer’s portfolio: Finally, a photographer needs to have a portfolio. If they do not, don’t bother wasting your time. Their portfolio gives you a peek into their unique style, as well as shows you the quality of work you can expect from them. By looking at their portfolio, you will also see which other projects they have worked on, and with whom.