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How Does Snapchat Score Work?

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    Snapchat has achieved a great place on the phones of millions of social media active users as it has gamified the app to earn a snap score. People are actively sharing more and more photos and videos on Snapchat to earn this mysterious number Snapscore.

    Although Snapchat has not revealed any particular method by which snap score gets calculated.


    What is Snapscore?

    Basically snap score is the number that shows how active you are on this unique social media app Snapchat.

    Apart from the likes and story views of other social media apps, it has some interesting approaches to earning a snap score which can be earned by the overall activity that you have done on Snapchat in a day. 


    How Does Snapscore works?

    As said above it is not the count of your popularity on Snapchat rather than it is just an indication of how much time you spend on the Snapchat app.

    • How many photos, and videos you have shared, and how much the latest videos you have discovered on it?
    • How many celebrities are on your friend list?

    These are the main factors to achieve a higher snap score. 

    However, you can not get money or any special perks and bonuses by earning a snap score it is just for fun to earn a higher snap score that makes you happy.


    For more read - https://www.fuzia.com/article_detail/726897/how-do-you-get-your-snap-score-up

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