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The best sterilization and disinfection materials

  • The world today lives in a state of panic and panic as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has proven to us that we still do not know health awareness and that we are striving to use sterilization and disinfection materials (sterilization materials against Corona) without knowing their chemical compounds and without knowing how to use them in a safe manner for our health as we review the difference between disinfectant And sterilizer and when can each be used.


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    Dear reader: Before you perform any common chemical combination of sterilization and disinfection products.


    Have you asked yourself what is the difference between disinfection and sterilization?

    What are sterilization and disinfection materials?

    Is chlorine sterile or disinfectant ?!

    Is chlorine used to sterilize hands, clothes, or surfaces?

    Does chlorine eliminate the Corona virus?

    How to disinfect with chlorine (use of chlorine at home in a safe way)

    What is the difference between disinfection and sterilization (the difference between sterilizer and disinfectant)

    Many used to say cleansing and sterilization go hand in hand as if they served the same purpose. But in fact, scientifically disinfection is different from sterilization.



    It stops the growth of germs but is not completely eliminated



    It is the comprehensive annihilation of germs and the disposal of their remains, that is, the killing of all aspects of life of microorganisms, including the bacteria and viruses found on surfaces (the surface of human skin or the surfaces of surgical devices).

    What are sterilization and disinfection materials? (Sterilization materials against Corona)

    Because disinfection is different from sterilization .. So it is assumed that there are disinfection materials such as

    (Chlorine. Vinegar. Lemon) and materials for sterilization such as ethylene oxide

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    Is chlorine sterile or disinfectant ?!

    Chlorine is a greenish-yellow gas used to purify water, and it is a bactericide that is considered a disinfectant for viruses, including Corona virus. Thus, chlorine is not considered sterilizing, it is only a disinfectant for viruses.


    How to disinfect with chlorine (use of chlorine at home in a safe way)

    There is a chlorination sterilization method, which is one of the best methods of chlorination, which is that the chlorine concentration for sterilization in water is 20 ml per liter of water, knowing that the validity of the formula is for one day. The composition is placed in a spray, then the surfaces are sprayed and wiped with a cloth in one direction, and it is preferable to wear during the disinfection process to avoid any injuries.

    Common chlorination methods

    Most of the women worked hard to make some magic formulas to disinfect surfaces with chlorine, claiming that they eliminate the Corona virus. Indeed, they began publishing it on social media sites. They are unaware that these formulas are based on chemicals that need further study before implementing them at home, and the most famous of these magic formulations is.


    Chlorine with vinegar:

    One of the most dangerous recipes that cause health risks is mixing chlorine with vinegar, as it produces vapors of chloramine gas, which is a toxic gas that causes eye burns, affects the lungs and causes suffocation.

    Chlorine with alcohol:

    Many think that disinfecting surfaces with chlorine is done by making a combination of chlorine with alcohol, it is known that alcohol contains ethanol and chlorine contains hydrochloric acid, and when mixing these compounds it produces toxic gases that lead to damage to the nervous system, lungs, kidneys and liver.

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    Is vinegar sterile for Corona or only disinfectant ?!

    Vinegar is acetic acid and is one of the disinfectants that limit the spread of viruses, but a common question is,

    Is it preferred to use white vinegar for sterilization or apple cider vinegar for sterilization ?!

    (Use vinegar to sterilize)

    After numerous studies, it has been proven that the vinegar sterilizer, whatever the type of vinegar used in it, is recommended to dilute it with water before relying on it to clean and sterilize the home, and therefore sterilization with white vinegar or sterilization with apple cider vinegar leads to the same result.

    Is vinegar used to sterilize hands, clothes, or surfaces?

    Vinegar is the magic solution for all homes that are unable to buy expensive disinfectants, as vinegar is a natural disinfectant used to sterilize hands, and is used to wash vegetables and fruits to kill any germs attached to them, and it is used to sterilize utensils, surfaces and floors to get rid of germs and also clothes can be sterilized with vinegar, But the question. Is vinegar sterile against corona virus.

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    Does vinegar eliminate corona viruses, including the Corona virus?

    The World Health Organization confirmed that the use of vinegar in sterilization is not necessarily sufficient, although it is a natural disinfectant, but it is ineffective in killing coronaviruses, including the Corona virus. There is no need to use traditional methods of sterilizing the house with vinegar in order to reduce the Corona virus, and there is no objection to using it to clean vegetables.


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