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KYB Verification Solutions - To Identify Authentic Business Cli

  • When a person performs a task or does any routine work, if people are witnessing it, they are not going to cheer or applaud at every right step. However, those people will appear enthusiastically to call out mistakes or negligence showcased in the job. The technology of Know Your Business is there to not give those individuals that chance they are looking for.


    In the KYB verification solutions, automated screening checks are practiced to get an overview of the entire history of the client firm for strategic partnerships. In the traditional era, many businesses could never get fully assured of the client due to restricted local resources, and spending greater time in the Face Recognition investigation wasn’t preferred either. 


    The KYB verification solutions reduce the margin of errors of a company or a financial firm in business clients onboarding with digital screening technologies, validating every important data field.

    Screening Process in KYB Verification Solutions


    The main difference between the validation of the KYC and KYB is that in an individual customer onboarding, the client has to submit a couple of documents personally to the authenticating platform but in business validation, it’s a bit different.
    The concerned business or financial entity merely requires the:

    The concerned business or financial entity merely requires the:

    1. Official Registration Number 
    2. Jurisdiction Code 


    Following that, the KYB verification solutions display the set of corporate records from global commercial record banks for the other firm for validation. The documentation comprises of:

    Business Search

    This section informs the authenticating party with a basic information overview of the screened firm client. The KYB verification solutions display data including addresses of regional offices of the firm, name, data of proprietor or partners, trademark registration, and if any data field has been modified the previous information is also presented in the screening. Along With all of that, a compiled report of financial data of the firm’s operational accounts is showcased by the KYB verification solutions.

    Business Filings

    The information about the financial performance of a company helps a firm or financial institute to validate its authenticity effectively. In verifying businesses, data such as annual reports and of shareholders is of much greater importance.

    Business Networks

    A firm making a partnership or merger with another business also develops an indirect relation with the previous or new connecting business with the client firm. The list of parent and subsidiary companies provided by the KYB verification solutions is also significant in the authentication of the screened organization. 

    Business Statements

    The KYB verification solutions exhibit this section of the screened organization where the validating party can be aware of any alterations made in the management and business partners of that firm. The changes in authority positions of the firm and other board of directors or senior executives also help the business in the screening process.


    Reasons for Deploying Digital KYB Solutions

    Untransparent Beneficial Ownership

    The unclear information about the beneficiaries or stakeholders of a firm raises the stake. Often it has been seen mostly in underdeveloped countries, that high-profile business owners or politicians create offshore companies for hiding their wealth sources. The KYB verification solutions instantly inform the concerned party about the opaque structure and save time in further examining if the firm does not wish to go on with such client firms.

    PEP List

    The KYB verification solution recognizes If the proprietor or director of the screened company, or from the parent, or subsidiary firm is a PEP (Politically Exposed Person). The firm has to analyze the profile with EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) practices. Due to the implementation of the 6th AML directive, every firm and financial institution has to practice ongoing AML screening for prevention from financial crimes and brutal penalties for it. The KYB verification solutions in the screening help the other firm in risk-assessment and decision making.

    Nature of Industry

    The nature of the particular industry holds significance in the authentication. For instance, in online gaming and gambling platforms, before making any professional bond with the operators, the firm has to be completely satisfied. The frequency of money laundering in the specific industry is substantial. The KYB verification solutions display the entire corporate track record in just seconds. The screening system is also ideal for businesses of alcohol, tobacco, and other things.

    Location of the Firm 

    The location where the company was established is more accountable in onboarding decisions than people think. The KYB face recognition deep learning verification solutions identify the client firm which is not associated with organizations like FATF or anyone else. The firm established on land where the proprietor does not have to go through detailed processes for registration is considered risky and filtered in KYB verification solutions.


    AI-powered screening services for business clients get a wide set of data and multiple beneficial documents in seconds to the concerned business. The group of AI models in KYB verification solutions guarantees precision to a maximum extent. Every data regarding the screened firm, its partners, shareholders, financial records are showcased seamlessly that helps in proceeding with business partnerships and alliances. The KYB verification solutions are a must for safe and risk-free business relations.

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