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How to bring a girl home?

  • You can walk a girl for a long time. And one month, and the second, and the third, and a year, and two, and five, but she will never be fucked like that. As practice shows, if a girl is already very strong, then you can in a simple way:

    -Come to me.

    -What for?

    - We will celebrate the matinee. Do you like pioneer matinees?

    -And what is it?

    - Well, everyone is dressing up in costumes, bunnies, bears. Do you have a dress for Snow White, Malvina, Buratina? You will be my Malvina, I will be your Buratina.

    And he agrees. But for this you need to get her consent on the eve of this on the last date, as they say, like “I invite you, will you come?”, “Yes, I'll come”. Well, such cases are usually rare. And you have to pump in kilotons of the resource so that she gives her formal consent.

    Such paths are not canal for us. Because why waste your time and energy on something more, if you can achieve the same result with much less power! Practice shows that, of course, you can directly invite her home “come to me!” And somehow else, but in order to do this with a GUARANTEE, it is best to act by deception. When you are already masters, when your calibration skill is developed to such an extent that you can catch the moment when you can invite her directly, then you can! But to begin with, it's better to deceive!

    There is a brick wall, 5 meters wide, on which it is written "Women's beliefs: I don't give out on the first date, I don't go to visit unknown men, we don't know very well (and other shit)." Here's how to tell a metaphor to make this wall come down? How to muddle up the triple helix so that it becomes lower? Don't do this! Because left and right are empty. There you can cheat, you can promise to marry, you can say "we'll just go and change at my house!" or "I need to run in to get my credit card, and then we'll go to a restaurant!" In a stupid way. There is no need to invent special cunning templates. Just cheating! Girls are being deceived. They have no idea that they can be deceived. In 95% of cases you can learn it from uberhorny reviews.

    Cheating is the most armor-piercing, the most guaranteed, the most 100% method. All other methods are best used only as "fun to experiment". If you want the effectiveness of this method to try, and then the effectiveness of this one, and then this one, you can, like those tankers in a joke, and the tank still fall off the tower. But in order to ensure that with a guarantee and easier then so. Reinforced concrete face. Impenetrable. "I want to go to the toilet!" In short, the simpler the better. Don't give women even a hint at all. Don't tell me why. Of course, if it is underway, you can say.

    Of course, there are girls who know with a guarantee that if they are given a path of koksik to smell, well, young people come up, so “real”, on “real” cars, they walk the girls all evening, treat them, dance. And when you have to go, the girls no longer have a question of where and why. Now, if you are a boy with exactly this "press", then you can try it directly. But even in this case, you have the risk of running into a banal dynamo.

    Before you fucked a woman, you should not consider her "your girlfriend". Up to this point, you are just acquaintances. You have her phone number, she has yours. Do not flatter yourself! As a rule, all punctures at this stage happen precisely because the boy has already built castles in the air, he has already flown there with her and to the Canary Islands, or to the island of Bali, m they have been "dating" for 5 years, and have already introduced him to his mother, and already gave birth to children. Don't all that crap! Do not flatter yourself! Fuck first! Until he fucked, and not once, but several times, when she already starts calling you, when she herself starts asking if you are free today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, then you can already relax a little and tell yourself "Well, maybe another girl has appeared in my harem!" But only then! Until then, do not flatter yourself and do not drool. It is a good idea to have a lip rolling machine with you at all times.

    There is no need to pound in the forehead, trying to bypass all these beliefs, arrange therapy for women. And then they constantly ask on the forums, “She doesn't want to go to me, because she has a boyfriend who suits her perfectly! What to do?". If she had a boyfriend who suits her completely, she would not look for anyone at all. Getting acquainted with such girls it is immediately clear that "this one has a boyfriend." They usually say right away, “I have a boyfriend. All. Bye". If she has already given her phone number, then either the guy was half a year ago, or he is now, but he fucks her brain, and she is looking for options. Therefore, there is no need to hammer here again. There is no need to come up with battering metaphors in order to get around "I have a boyfriend" or "we don't know each other well enough." Just deceive her. Let him stay with his cockroaches if he wants. Therapy costs money! No need to arrange free therapy!

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