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Sexual Desire: How Are Men and Women Different?

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    Men's Sexual Desire

    It may sound cliché, but the truth is that men are generally more interested in sex than women.

    In fact, 51% of men want to have sex at least once a day, compared to only 7% of women. We hear about sex everywhere; stand-up comedians and sitcoms exploit it, it's a favorite topic in mom groups, and you don't need to hang out in bars or workplaces to know that it's not only the subject of a million jokes, but also a major issue.

    You may have heard that men get turned on by just a little teasing and want sex anytime, anywhere, while women tend not to want it much and have to be "in the mood" to have sex. For years, it was widely believed that men have a stronger sex drive than women.

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    According to many studies, men express their sexual desire more strongly and more directly than women do. In fact, sexual intercourse can bring certain benefits to men's physical health and even prevent certain diseases.

    Delay aging and eliminate insomnia

    During sexual intercourse, men will secrete a large amount of dopamine and hormones due to sexual excitement, stimulating the secretion of male hormones. It can accelerate the body's metabolism, help consume calories, and delay the aging process.

    In addition, after sex, the body is relaxed and satisfied, it is easier to fall asleep and avoid insomnia.

    Reduce the risk of prostate disease

    Many men will suffer from prostate diseases in middle and old age, and studies have shown that patients who often abstain from sex are more likely to suffer from prostate disease.

    A study by scientists at Harvard Medical School in the United States found that regular male ejaculation can greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

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    How to judge who is high and who is low?

    In a more detailed study conducted by psychologist Alicia Barr in 2002, sexual peak was divided into 4 dimensions. They are:


    Frequency of sexual activity

    Sexual desire

    Sexual satisfaction

    Men around 22 years old have the strongest sexual desire

    People believe that men around 22 years old have strong sexual activity and desire, but low satisfaction; women are 10 years later than men, with high satisfaction, but this does not match the age when they have the strongest sexual activity and desire.

    According to the data provided by the participants, the highest sexual desire of men (in the minds of the participants, the highest sexual desire dimension of men is obviously the core dimension of men's sexual peak) occurs at around 22 years old, and the highest sexual satisfaction of women (the dimension more closely related to women's sexual peak) occurs at around 32 years old, which is a difference of about 10 years.

    It is very interesting that it is generally believed that men's sexual function reaches its peak at around 30 years old, and then sexual function begins to gradually decline, and sexual function basically disappears at around 50 years old.

    After the age of 35, men are tired from work, blood flow is slow, and muscle tension decreases. The penis is not as easy to erect as before. Even if there is a desire for sexual life, it takes a long time for the penis to erect, the hardness decreases, the duration is shortened, and the ejaculation force is weakened.

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    How to synchronize the sexual desire of men and women?

    Generally speaking, it takes 2 to 6 minutes for most men to reach orgasm, while it takes women slightly longer than men to reach orgasm, mostly around 10 minutes. It can be seen that there is a "time difference" of four or five minutes when men and women reach the peak of sexual feelings. After entering middle age, this time difference is more obvious.

    However, this problem is not unchangeable. Men can use various means and techniques, such as using sex toys or torso sex dolls and other masturbators to prolong the time of male ejaculation and deliberately delay the time of orgasm, so that female partners can be satisfied.

    Frequency of sexual life

    The frequency of normal sexual life depends on the age of both men and women. Generally speaking, young and middle-aged people aged 20 to 30 have sex 2 to 3 times a week, while people over 40 years old have sex 1 to 2 times a week, and people over 50 years old have sex once a week.

    Sexual desire is one of the most basic desires of human beings, just like the desire to eat and sleep. It is not shameful to have sexual desire and express sexual desire. It is just that men may have a greater need for sexual desire than women in terms of the way they express it, and there are also some differences in the sexual cycles of the two sexes. Only by correctly viewing the relationship between the sexes can we have a healthy life.

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