How to Prepare for IEO English Olympiad 2020?

  • International English or IEO is a reputed English Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SFO). The exam is conducted in 2 phases. Only top 5 percent students go to the second level.

    Here some tips that can help you crack the first level of IEO:

    1. Know your syllabus: Go through entire syllabus and identify resources to study the different topics of IEO. In the first level, 70% questions are from the syllabus of the previous class. Take your preparation to an advanced level with our previous years IEO sample papers.

    Understanding the pattern of the first level is the key to success.

    School Connect Online provides exhaustive and extremely concentrated online preparation materials and lots of IEO Sample Papers. Our professionals have actually completely examined the patterns of IEO previous year documents for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5 and class 6. We give IEO sample papers based on previous year patterns with an advanced problem level.


    2. Start Your Preparation in Advance: Most of the students that aspire to top the IEO level 1 starts preparing for the exam well in advance.

    School Connect Online provides "Complete Package of IEO Preparation" to develop, strengthen and understand the application of ideas. Its should for students going for top worldwide ranks. Our team of professionals has prepared this plan by understanding the patterns of most recent IEO question paper along with IEO previous year papers. Not surprising that, the majority of our users were able to easily crack the first level of the IEO. With our English Olympiad Online sample papers and topic-wise question bank, you can easily break any English Olympiad.

    We provide IEO previous year pattern based sample papers for class 1 to 6 to assist you in your preparations.

    3. Identify study material and resources: Get your IEO study materials ready beforehand. Don't waste your critical time in looking for study materials at the last moment.

    School Connect Online provides IEO level 1 sample question papers based on patterns of previous years.

    We have IEO level 1 study materials and question papers for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

    4. Search for online preparation of IEO: While Maths need to be practiced on papers, subjects like English and Science can be practiced more effectively on online systems when supported by instantaneous detailed solutions and tailor-made materials for understand complex concepts.

    School Connect Online can assist you in recognizing the challenging usage of grammar. School Connect Online one of the best platforms for preparation English Olympiad Online.

    Plan and Execute: Prepare a schedule. Follow it strictly. Exercise all kinds of questions. Work on your weak areas.

    5. Continuous Efforts: Getting success in IEO are not a one or two day affair. It requires lots of effort and persistence. If you do not see success initially, just do not quit. Maintain pushing on your own. Keep pushing yourself. Soon you will start seeing the results.


    Prepare a schedule. Follow it purely. Exercise all kinds of questions based on patterns of IEO last years paper. Work on your weak areas.

    6. Regular Practice: Grammar needs lots of practice and you need to understand exceptional usages of grammar. You will certainly comprehend the ideas just if you exercise tough and cover each an every aspect of the topic. It will bring self-confidence and ability to try any question in English.

    We provide you plenty of English Olympiad sample questions covering every topic for IEO level 1 to increase your effectiveness and understanding of the principle.

    7. Take proper sleep before the exam: Calm, composed and relaxed mind is a necessity for comprehending difficult English questions. Do not over exert yourself prior to exams. Take appropriate sleep in the night before the exam.

    Enroll today at Schoolconnectonline for preparation English olympiad online. Prepare and achieve success in any English Olympiad for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 with our online practice papers, mock tests, videos, and other study materials.

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