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How Peripheral Neuropathy Affects Your Quality of LifePeriphera

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    Peripheral Neuropathy significantly affects the life Quality of the patients. It affects their ability to perform their daily tasks.

    An individual’s Quality of Life Can be determined by;

    • Engagement in Social or recreation activities
    • Physical and Material Welfare
    • Healthy Status
    • Personal fulfillments like Career

    You Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment approach towards your neuropathy condition which might emanate from HIV or Diabetes or Lupus will determine how you handle the above social aspects and their respective symptoms.

    There are other Psychological aspects of Neuropathy Symptoms besides the Physical Pain or Appearances.

    Peripheral Neuropathy condition can result in chronic pain, which doesn’t disappear easily by applying common pain remedies like using Aspirin or normal pain killers. This is because the pain usually emanates from nerve damage.

    The nerve system that normally transmits signals of pain becomes the source pain for peripheral neuropathy patients.

    The Chronic pain emanating from the nerves can have the following side effects;

    • Lower Productivity at Work
    • Anxiety or Depression
    • Lack of Sleep
    • Your Socialization is affected
    • Discouragement because of Delayed healing
    • Sense of Hopelessness

    However there are things patients can do to improve the Quality of their lives;

    • Make thorough checks on your feet on daily basis for any blisters, pressure spots, calluses or cuts while using mirrors for areas under your feet. You should also avoid walking barefooted. It is prudent to call your neuropathy specialist or doctor whenever you notice any unusual symptoms.
    • You can improve circulation and drastically reduce pain on your feet by subjecting your legs to proper massage. It is prudent to confirm from your medical insurance provider if they provide cover for massages that have been prescribed by the doctor or medical specialists.
    • Always avoid tight socks as you ensure that you are in comfortable and padded shoes.
    • Avoid Caffeine intake at all costs, since caffeine can enhance your neuropathic pain.
    • Quit Smoking, because nicotine blocks proper blood circulation.
    • Since pressure worsens nerve damage, it is advisable to avoid leaning on your elbows or crossing your legs which may increase pressure on your nerves.
    • You should be cautious when using hot water, because your sensitivity to temperature changes might be affected by peripheral neuropathy. This may subject you to burns unknowingly.
    • In order to avoid pain on your feet while sleeping, you can use ‘bed cradle’ which keeps the sheet from your feet as you rest.
    • Ensure you maintain an active lifestyles as you engage in moderate exercise to enhance your blood circulation, which can significantly improve your mental and psychological health.
    • Ensure your floor at home is not slippery and keep sharp objects that might cause injuries as far away as possible. This will make your home injury proof when integrated with hand rails or bath assists.
    • Always maintain a healthy and balanced diet in consultation with your neuropathy specialist, to enhance your healing and retaining proper body weight.
    • You should enhance your socialization with people around you.

    The tips discussed above will be effective in enhancing your health and ensure that your peripheral symptoms are kept under proper management.

    However it is advisable to seek additional tips from your neuropathy clinician.


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