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How can Data be Recovered from a Fired IC Board

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    Accidents sometimes happen, and one such regrettable occurrence might be the ignition of an IC (Integrated Circuit) board within your iPhone. You can worry about the important data that is saved on your smartphone in addition to the immediate issue of making sure you are safe. There is yet some hope, however. In order to give you some optimism amongst the pandemonium, we will walk you through the procedure of recovering data from a burned IC board in this post.

    How can Data be Recovered from a Fired IC Board

    Safety First:

    Safety must come first before undertaking any data recovery procedures. Check to see if any heat or smoke is still coming from the IC board. Place the gadget on a non-flammable surface after disconnecting it from all power sources. To avoid any injury, it is advised to put on protective gloves and eyewear.

    Seek Professional Assistance:

    Data recovery from a burned IC board is a challenging process that calls for specialist expertise and tools. It is advised to get advice from a reputable iPhone repair service. These professionals have the knowledge and resources required to manage such complex circumstances. In order to securely restore your data, they will choose the best line of action after evaluating the amount of the damage.

    Data Extraction Techniques:

    Professional iPhone repair specialists use cutting-edge methods to recover data from broken IC boards. The memory chips may be directly accessed via these methods, or the IC board may be desoldered and the memory chips moved to a functional board. To avoid further harm and guarantee effective data recovery, this technique calls for accuracy and skill.

    Data Recovery Software:

    In certain circumstances, if the IC board damage is slight, you could try data recovery on your own. You may recover data from a damaged iPhone with the use of software programs. However, this approach has to be used with care since poor management might make things worse. Be cautious to carefully follow the software's instructions and be aware that the success rate may change depending on how severe the damage is.

    Backup and Cloud Services:

    You're in luck if you've been routinely utilizing iCloud or iTunes to backup the data on your iPhone. You may quickly restore your data to a new iPhone if you have an active iCloud account or a backup file on your PC. This highlights the need of regular data backups, which may greatly lessen the effects of data loss brought on by a burned IC board.

    Preventive Measures:

    Prevention is always preferable than treatment. Take precautions to avoid the disastrous effects of a burned IC board. Avoid excessive heat, dampness, and electrical surges with your iPhone. Avoid leaving it out in the sun for a long time, and don't charge it up too much. Additionally, think about selecting a dependable phone case that provides impact resistance and heat dissipation.


    It might be upsetting to experience a burned IC board in your iPhone, especially if you're worried about losing important data. However, you may improve your chances of successfully recovering your data by using modern data recovery methods, expert iPhone repair services, or using backup choices. Always put safety first, ask for help when you need it, and take precautions to avoid such accidents in the future. You can confidently handle this difficult scenario and guarantee the security of your priceless iPhone data by doing this.

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