All You Need To Know About Matouk Towels

  • If you are looking for the best quality towels you do not need to look further because Matouk has one of the best quality towels. It is extremely soft and gentle on the skin, it is super absorbent and yet it is easier to dry the towel when wet. So if you are willing to know more about these towels, here are all the answers to your queries.

    How to buy the best quality of towels?

    If you are looking for towels from Matouk, then you do not need to think about the quality. However, you should still check if you are getting the original towels. The fibers are dense in these towels and they make the towel soft.

    The length of the fibers are short which helps in preventing the fibers getting all tangled up after using the towel for a long time. When folded it does not take up too much space and it can be squeezed and packed in your suitcase because the fibers are soft. These are some of the marks other than the trademark that will ensure you that you are getting the original product.

    How to treat towels upon purchase?

    Upon purchase of any towel the first thing that should be done is wash them. You don’t need to rinse and scrub, simply washing them separately is enough. If the quality of the towel is inferior, you might find the towel hashers than how it was before because fabrics softeners wear off after washing. If the colors and the softness of the towel does not disappear after washing the towel it is of superior quality like the Matouk Towels.

    It is best to bleach your white towels and you can use the usual fabric softeners but you should wash the towels in warm water with delicate fabric cleaning detergents. The softeners usually come with good smells but if odor persists use a little vinegar while washing.