What Are The Advantages Of Micro Needling

  • People who are suffering from various skin ailments that can cause discoloration of the skin, wrinkles, acne and hair loss should take the help of micro-needling because it can work miracles on your skin. It can be used anywhere on your body except for the private areas, but mostly it is recommended that people use the microneedle face roller on your face and on the scalp. So if you are interested in getting flawless skin, let’s learn how it can help you:

    1. Reduces acne

    Micro-needling helps in reducing your acne and pimples by making small incisions that can enhance the production of collagen in your skin. When collagen is produced in ample quantities your skin can repair much easily and the scars, ice pick and redness starts reducing. It can also help you control the oil that your skin produces reducing the chances of having acne in future.

    1. Reduces hair loss

    Even young people these days suffer from hair loss and this can be altered if you take the proper treatment. However, if you want to try out simpler treatments, micro-needling can help you. It will increase the blood flow in your scalp veins and increase the production of biotin and collagen which strengthen the scalp tissues and hold the hair bulbs firmly.

    1. Reverses the signs of ageing

    If you want to reverse the signs of ageing you can take help of the micro-needling process that unclogs your pores and allows the anti-ageing serums to penetrate deep into your skin. Furthermore, since it boost the production of elastin in your skin, the skin’s elasticity will revive and you will be able to reduce your wrinkles and fine lines. With the production of new collagen cells, the skin will repair and you will gain your youthful beauty.

    There are many more advantages of micro-needling.  You can even buy the best Marula Oil if you want to gain healthy skin and head full of luscious hair.