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Cochlear and Hearing implants in Delhi

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    Cochlear and Hearing implants in Delhi

    Dr (Prof) Ameet Kishore
    Sr Consultant Surgeon ENT, Head Neck, Neurotology & Cochlear Implants


    India Cochlear And Hearing Implants
    What is the operation of a cochlear implant?
    Even though the hearing nerve may be present, sensorineural deafness occurs when the hair cells are missing or destroyed. Due to damage to the hair cells, these nerves are unable to carry sound. On the other hand, these nerves may send electrical signals to the brain when stimulated electrically. Cochlear implants avoid the destroyed hair cells by converting ambient sounds into electrical impulses that are then sent to the brain through the hearing nerve. It is now feasible to get the newest Cochlear and Hearing implants in India because they are readily available. To ensure that you receive top-notch treatment, our team includes the region's best cochlear implant surgeon and audiologist.

    Cochlear Implants (CI) are electronic devices that are surgically inserted into the cochlea (inner ear), restoring hearing to those who have severe to profound hearing loss and who cannot utilize hearing aids. More than a quarter of a million individuals across the world have received the gift of sound thanks to Cochlear. The greatest cochlear technology is now available in India. You may now simply get the newest Cochlear and Hearing implants, which are readily available in a variety of item choices. Within India.

    Biologically Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA and Bonebridge)
    These surgically implanted hearing aids are made to support people with certain kinds of hearing loss. They operate on the basis of the bone conduction theory, according to which the vibration of the skull bone transmits sound to the inner ear. Preclinical results show that the BB performs practically similar to the BAHA and may be beneficial to individuals with conductive and hearing deficits as well as those who have one-sided hearing loss.

    Middle ear implant called Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB)
    For those with specific forms of hearing loss who are not pleased with or cannot wear traditional hearing aids, this electronic device is implanted in the middle ear. The Vibrant Soundbridge converts the information into mechanical vibrations rather than a hearing aid, which can only increase the volume of sounds entering the ear. Even strong tones may be heard incredibly effectively because of the middle ear's structures being especially animated by this mechanical life.

    Brainstem implant for hearing (ABI)
    The hearing center in the brainstem receives sound directly from this surgically implanted electronic gadget. It is an alternative for those with severe to profound hearing loss when a cochlear implant is not an option because the cochlea or the hearing nerve has been damaged or removed.

    With Cochlear and Hearing Implants, Cochlear Implant Surgery in India
    Under general anesthesia, the Implant Surgery takes about one hour. To reach the middle ear and break open the mastoid bone, an incision is made behind the ear. Electrodes are then implanted once the internal ear (cochlea) has been opened. The procedure necessitates a one- to two-day stay at the medical center.

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