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Atomstack A10 Pro Laser Engraver for Wood and Metal Acrylic Gla

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    We are the largest agent of Atomstack, a company dedicated to high-quality laser engraving and cutting machines. We are committed to driving the development of concept transformation tools for every creative designer. In the future, Atomstack will continue to work hard to create more excellent products, with the goal of enabling more people around the world to consume personal smart manufacturing devices into society. We will continue to explore uncharted territory.

    Higher precision DIY laser engraving and cutting machine Atomstack A10 PRO with true 10W optical power.

    The best small industrial high power laser engraver and cutter for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, designers, artists, housewives and professionals.

    Better technology (industrial-grade steel axle, tensioning wheel, timing belt, compression spot, etc.) makes the engraving more precise and the engraving works more perfect. With a human-centered design, you can enjoy your creations without distractions.

    Good safety features: all parts are metal and coated with anti-reflective paint, so the laser cannot be accidentally reflected.

    Atomstack A5 Pro+

    The higher the energy setting, the faster it can be set.

    The above parameters are reference values,
    Due to the different properties of the materials used,
    Please adjust the parameter value according to the actual situation.

    Manual screw button height adjustment
    It is more convenient and quick to adjust the laser height with the knob.

    atomstack a5 pro+ laser engraving machine

    1000~1200℃ Sintering temperature
    More different kinds of materials can be engraved than others.
    It is dangerous to test the sintering temperature, please operate under the guidance of professionals.

    3 steps to complete assembly
    The modular design allows it to be installed anywhere, usually within 20~30 minutes.

    atomstack ac1 camera

    More safety information reminders:
    Please carefully review the installation steps and software installation steps in the user manual before installation.
    If you meet any problems when using the laser engraving machine, please feel free to ask us for help, we will reply you within 24 hours for a solution.
    When operating the laser engraving machine, please install the laser protective cover. If not fitted, goggles are required.
    Do not touch the laser transmitter with your hands, or your hands may be burned.

    Please avoid hitting the machine strongly.
    Children under 14 years of age should not use this product, children over 14 years of age require adult supervision.
    The laser engraving machine cannot be directly applied to any specular reflective objects, which may injure the operator or burn the laser.

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