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Best Destinations for a Family Vacation

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    Family vacations, away from the monotony of routine, are important to rejuvenate our bonds. Since travel can foster curiosity and openness, it is necessary to instil a love of travel in children at an earlier age. Sometimes it is hard to travel with your kids. But all the locations listed under the ‘Best Destinations for a Family Vacation’ can inspire you to get out there and create some meaningful moments with your loved ones.

    Sydney, Australia

    Being a travel enthusiast who likes to see as much as possible when I travel, I often suggest Sydney as a great family destination to my close friends. As a first-time visitor; I thought Sydney would be just another international destination; but I must say, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful harbour city. What struck me most was the interesting mix of natural and urban attractions that dot the cityscapes and its suburbs. 

    Sydney Harbour, home to the world-popular Sydney landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House is an excellent place to enjoy a holiday with your family. Since Vivid Sydney, the biggest annual festival is back on the Aussie calendar after a three-year hiatus, it is a great time to make travel plans. You’ll find Vivid cruises on Sydney Harbour offering a unique sightseeing experience with restaurant-quality dining. You can board a harbour cruise with your family and enjoy a crowd-free experience. You can witness the creative light displays on the Opera House sails and capture some unforgettable moments with your family. We visited Sydney Harbour on a casual sunny day, but now I can only imagine how glorious the harbour would look during Vivid nights! Try to board a Vivid harbour cruise and enjoy splendid views of the illuminated harbour delights. Don’t forget your camera with all other travel essentials and click some family pictures against the spectacular background that can set your IG feed on fire!

    Namibia, Africa

    Namibia is a country in Africa that has been on my must-see list of travel destinations for a long time. So when our younger family members became free after their academic year, we decided to visit this absolutely gorgeous tourist destination. After an unbelievable holiday there last summer, I’m happy to say that it not only met my expectations but also exceeded them! It’s true, I had long heard of its elegance, and now I have to admit that Namibia is one of the most photogenic countries we’ve ever been to. 

    It really was a perfect tour for me, maybe because it involved a lot of time outdoors with my fam. We travelled thousands of kilometers around the country and took some pictures of Namibia’s most beautiful spots as well as numerous family photographs — probably the best I’ve ever taken in my life. You can check out various locations such as Deadvlei, popular for majestic blue skies and vibrant sand dunes and Etosha National Park, where there are fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities. 

    Tirana, Albania

    Tirana, the capital and the largest city of Albania, was one of my favourite destinations to visit with my fam. Tirana is an interesting mix of the old and the new, so if you are interested in art, culture, or history, you can check out this destination with a long-storied history and emerging art scene. 

    An excellent place to check out with your fam is the main plaza in the centre of Tirana, called Skanderberg Square. The Pyramid of Tirana, popularly known as the Pyramida or the Enver Hoxha Pyramid, is also worth a quick stop to see. Both these locations serve as a sobering reminder of the totalitarian state that Albania used to be. So, as I mentioned earlier, it’s worth a visit if you are looking for opportunities to deepen your understanding of Tirana’s troubled past.

    While there are many popular tourist destinations around the world, Sydney, Namibia, and Tirana are the favourite family holiday destinations we loved and strongly recommend. Discover and share new experiences as a family!

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