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Best Sydney Attractions for Winter 2022

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    Sydney and Australia in general, is definitely a great summer destination with its breezy beaches, sun-soaked cruises and sparkling waters. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun during the winter months of Sydney when only the daring will swim at the chilly Bondi’s famous Icebergs. This is also an ideal time to visit since the coastal paths and the tourist hotspots are generally less traversed making it easier for you to explore the harbour city. So if you’re looking to visit this gorgeous city during winter, here are some winter activities you can try.


    Vivid Sydney 2022


    Every year the city’s most famous landmarks and skyscrapers indulge in an extravagant music, art and light show that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from different parts of the planet. From May 27th to June 18th, you can witness the city’s most iconic tourist attractions lit up with creative lights and patterns and become a backdrop for some of the most exhilarating light and music installations. The harbour takes the centre stage playing host to the wild card of the event– the Lighting of the Sails of the Opera House, and you can marvel at this spectacle from numerous vantage points. Be there on the Vivid Light Cruises to experience a one-of-a-kind dining on the waterfront with the illuminated views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and many more as backdrop! You get to choose from an incredible array of vessels including a multi-million dollar catamaran, a unique paddlewheeler and a premium glass boat, all built with exceptional nautical design and modern amenities. Inside a Vivid Cruise Sydney you can also enjoy the luxury of a fully licensed bar with sparkling drinks and beverages, so what’s the wait? It doesn't get better than this! Grab your seats now!


    Whale Watching Tours


    The month of June also marks the beginning of a special natural happening, the annual migration of the humpback whales from the Antarctic. If you’re a fan of marine life you might not want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime that doesn't require you to travel far from the busy metropolis. Witness these gentle giants of the sea in action as over 20,000 of them migrate along the NSW coastline! You can watch them easily from the shore but for the best experience it is ideal to head out on a whale watching tour. With the whale watching tours you can enjoy everything from indulging in a freshly prepared meal, witnessing  numerous whales in their natural habitat and learning about their migration. Most tours also have a professional photographer onboard so don't worry if you  didn't get the perfect shot of the majestic creatures, the photographer has got you covered.


    Pub Crawl Experience


    Sydney has all kinds of pubs, from world-class avenues in the Central Business District (CBD) to traditional pubs in The Rocks and there’s not a better place to spend a chilly evening. The city’s pubs are among the world's finest with a diverse menu of drinks, exquisite interiors, tasty treats and impressive locations. And if you think you already know the city’s top pubs, think again! You can discover plenty of new locations in a Secret Bar Crawl Experience. So grab a friend for the evening, join a tour, and let a professional pub crawl expert show you around and tell you about each spot you visit. Enjoy  an epic night out drinking, making new friends, playing pool games and munching in on some flavourful delicacies. Note: Some tours also offer a complimentary drink, food for sharing, discounts and a group photo op, so choose accordingly!


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