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Artificial Grass and Wheelchairs

  • As you can imagine people whose lives are limited to wheelchair accessibility can sometimes be difficult. While some of us may only think of the limited interactions which we may experience with those who are disabled, such as envy of their favorable parking spots or spacious bathrooms, they really do face some significant hurdles in their everyday lives.

    One such simple obstruction is the ability to use their own garden. Without dedicated paths which are wide enough to allow for a wheelchair, navigating their own backyards is not easy. To allow for extra-wide access requires the use of amble hard surfaces such as tiles or concrete, which can detract from the ambiance that a garden sanctuary can create, not to mention issues with navigation when these surfaces become wet.

    Grassed areas also suffer when wet, and they can become muddy, boggy, and slippery, which is really not ideal for wheelchair access. Then there’s the problem that grass requires water to survive. So wheelchair users may become limited as to when they can even go into their yard, possibly not even for months at a time over the winter months. Quite often these areas would then need to be maintained by an able-bodied person, which isn’t always an option.

    But there is a solution!

    Artificial grass provides the look, feel, and ambiance but without all the hassle. Next to no maintenance is required, with no more watering, mowing, weeding, or pesticides required, making it ideal for those with disabilities. It will remain perfectly vigorous and green all year round, and with the improved quality of newer artificial grasses, it actually looks like the real deal.

    This image can describe a lot:


    The surface is also stable and consistent enough that it makes for easy navigation of wheelchairs. With no more muddy patches, dips, holes, or trenches, getting around the garden is a sinch! They are extremely resistant to the weather, especially the extreme conditions that we face in Australia, easily maintaining their green vibrant color.

    In fact, most synthetic lawns are so durable that they can even hold up to larger wheels such as those on a car. Essentially this means you’re not just limited to installing artificial grass in your yard. You can install it in your driveway, on garden paths, ramps, landings, seats, or just about anywhere you want!

    Some people may think that the costs to lay synthetic lawn would be prohibitive. But they’re not, especially if you factor in all the associated costs of maintaining a lawn. Fertilizing, watering, weeding, mowing, raking, pesticides, and if needed someone to maintain them. These things all add up over time, and depending on the size of your yard you could be saving money in no time with the installation of an artificial grass lawn.

    This presents a perfect picture of your lawn:


    So if you or someone in your family suffers from a disability, then an artificial grass yard is an ideal way for them to be able to connect with nature without leaving their own home and provides a safe stable place ideal for wheelchair users, and family members alike.

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