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How to get comments on a blog post

  • Did you ever visit a blog to see comments from readers on a post but not the owner? When I see that, it makes me think the owner of the blog does not care about their readers. They don't want to establish relationships with their existing audience in order to build trust and loyalty. What does this look like to visitors to their blog. Will they want to return to a blog that makes them feel unimportant? My answer would be "No."

    Therefore, when someone posts a legitimate comment on your blog post (not spam), make sure you take the time to interact. This will demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to your existing audience as well as your desire to reach new readers.

    It's easy to explain why commenters should interact with you, but it is not difficult to think, " How do I get people comments?"

    Ask a Question

    Ask your readers questions at the end of each article. People love to give their opinions and/or share their experiences... especially when you ask for it. You could ask the following questions:

    What do you think?

    Have you had any experiences with xxx in the past? If so, was it good or bad?

    What other tips could you add to the ones I have listed?

    Post a Video

    Video has been a big hit on the Internet, as many of you already know. People love to watch them. You can feel more connected to your readers through them. This, in turn, will bring more comments. Even if you do post a video, include your written content about the video and still ask a question as suggested above. You may be surprised to see what interaction you will get with your audience.


    Even if you are writing a blog post that is serious in nature, add a personal story within the content. I see many bloggers do this. They will describe something that has happened to them that is related to their blog post topic and then go into the facts. Just like this article. This article is a reflection of how I feel when I visit a blog without any comments.

    Sharing something personal motivates readers and encourages them to share their stories. It will not only get them to comment but it will also help you to learn more about your audience.

    Comment on Other Blogs

    If you have read a blog post that you have really liked, make a comment for the blog owner. Many times, the blog owner or other readers will visit your site and may comment on one your blog posts.

    People have posted "Blog Comment Exchanges" to social media. They list their blog URL and then everyone takes the time to go in and comment on each others' blogs. I personally have never joined in on these as it doesn't seem "natural" to me, but that is just my preference. It may work for you! I would oc classic jazz just keep an eye out for spammers if you attempt this and make sure you feel comfortable with the other bloggers that have listed their blogs.

    Be Controversial

    If you do not mind debates, write a blog post about a potentially heated topic. People LOVE to share their opinions on these types of posts. They feel compelled to share their opinions and express their feelings. I don't read many blog posts that are targeted at this topic because I don't enjoy debates. However, I do see posts on Social Media that do the exact same thing and get lots of comments.

    Report News

    People are motivated by newsworthy topics, much like controversies. Write a blog post about news stories that are relevant to your niche. Include a portion of the original news article, with proper attribution. Explain why you do or don't agree with what was written or just be neutral and pass on the information.

    These types of posts are easy to understand by readers who have read other articles about them and want to share that information in a comment.