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The Two Main Types of Badges

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    There are several different types of badges in South Africa. Some are decorative, while others are commonly used as a means of communicating membership, achievement, employment, and identity. In fact, badges can even be used in charity fund raising, promoting events, product launches, etc. The possibilities are endless. With all the options available, it can be somewhat perplexing attempting to decide which badge would best suit your application. In cases such as these, it would be wise to communicate with the supplier of your choosing, as they are the experts and would be able to inform you on which badges in South Africa are best suited to your need.

    The two main types of badges are reusable name badges and button badges. These two categories will be discussed below to assist you in deciding which to opt for in terms of your requirements.

    Within the category ‘reusable name badges’, there are three categories, namely, acrylic name badges, conference name badges, and multi-fit name badges. If you run a business that has a high staff turnover rate or a large number of employees, or if you are in an industry that tends to have conferences and events often, reusable name badges are the better option, especially if you require name badges that are easily customisable.

    In terms of acrylic name badges, one can choose from a wide range of colours. Whether you want to opt for a simple and professional black or white or would rather like to match the name tag colour to that of your company logo, there are several colours available to choose from. In fact, you can even customise the badges by putting your logo on them. Next, conference name badges. These badges are commonly used at conferences, as they are highly cost-effective and can be easily customised on-site. Multi-fit name badges are typically used in restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry, as there is space for several tags. That way, you can have both a person’s name and position on their name badge, such as whether they are a manager, assistant manager, receptionist, etc.

    The other category, button badges, are generally your more decorative badges. They can either be pin badges or magnetic badges, based entirely off your own personal preference. As mentioned previously, there are several different types and uses of badges. If you are doing fundraising, hosting a product launch, or promoting an event, these types of badges would be best, as they do not need to be customised. Rather, they can be produced in bulk and with creative, colourful designs.

    At the end of the day, the badges you opt for should be based off your own preference, but still suit its application. For example, it would not make sense to use button badges at a conference, as they cannot be customised on-site. Similarly, you would not use conference name tags when promoting an event, as they need not be customised. Instead, they should have attractive designs that create interest.

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