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What is the best type of burger?

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    Burgers are the popular menu choice for most Americans. A sense of peace and fulfilment comes out of a burger meal. Various eateries and restaurants in the United States of America offer the best burgers and different varieties. You can visit the best outdoor dining in Chicago to enjoy a delectable burger meal. Do you know that an American eats 60 burgers on average per year? 

    According to a poll, 58% of food lovers order burgers while dining out, increasing the demand for burgers. While many food lovers prefer meat burgers, others love plant-based burgers. Most people love eating beef burgers accounting for 52% while 45% opt for chicken and 35% prefer veggie burgers. 

    Types of burgers 

    1. Cheeseburger 

    Cheeseburger is one of the common burgers people love to eat and enjoy at food joints. Freshly baked buns filled with cheese and veggies, topped with spices and other ingredients offer a delectable experience. Cheeseburgers provide a mouth-watering meal for a food lover. You can choose among the different varieties of cheese, such as blue cheese, cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese. You can find the best cheeseburger in Chicago at reasonable rates. 

    2. Hamburger 

    Hamburger is another staple food option, a common food meal giving the best experience. Hamburger includes a patty of ground meat that is grilled and minced. It is topped with distinct flavours of ingredients and garnished with condiments. A hamburger can also be added with cheese to make it cheesy and meaty. 

    3. Veggie burger 

    A veggie burger is one of the best and most demanding burger options. Every diner loves to enjoy a veggie burger because of increased nutrition. Adding cheese and other condiments enhances the flavour. Freshly baked buns filled with mushrooms, cabbage, lettuce, chickpeas, tomato, cucumber and other veggies make it a healthy meal. The same goes for a hot dog meal. People enjoy a hot dog filled with all kinds of veggies and sauces. You can have the best hot dog at the famous Chicago hot dog restaurant. 

    The burger is a food icon, loved from ages from children to elders. You can choose among a plant-based, meat-based or fish-based burger. Since the food industry is growing, chefs and cooks aim to improve the quality of a burger and its ingredients for an enhanced experience. 


    Burgers are the staple food in American food history and are here to stay because of expanding demand. It has been on the food menu at family or friends gatherings, summer holidays, birthday parties and other celebrations. People experience nostalgia in sharing a burger with friends, peers and families. Given a distinct variety of burgers, you can choose and create your memories with friends and family. 

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