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ZH-BHT Automatic Flute Laminator Machine

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    Our company manufacture professionally ZH-BHT series of Automatic Flute Laminator used for printing and packaging industry on the cardboard to cardboard, corrugated to cardboard for fluting, the application of corrugated are A, B, C, D, E, F, N treng , three, five, seven story can work, fluted a good flatness of the paper, high accuracy.Get more news about flute laminator,you can vist our website!

    Well-known manufacturers of genuine products are adopted in the main parts of machine, It is long life, good stability. The world's well-known brands products are adopted in electrical parts, imported bearings is adopted in the key parts, to ensure the stability of the whole performance.

    2. Features of the machine:
    a) Key Points:
    1) Two in One or Three in One structure: It can laminate up to 5 layers paper board less than 10mm.
    2) High precision: with the help of chasing lay and Synchronous slot design, the machine can achieve a precision as ±1.5mm.
    3) Suit to both big and small size paper no need to do the readjustment.

    b) General Introduction:
    SJ-FMB series fully automatic multilayer flute laminator is consists of automatic face paper lifting section, face paper conveying section, conveying section, double bottom paper positioning section, cyclic gluing section and pressing section. It suits to laminate the printed paper to the corrugated board or cardboard which is thicker than 350gsm, with features of high precision and high speed. It is the ideal laminating machine for all kinds of packaging company domestic and overseas.
    3. Features by parts:

    1) Face paper conveying section adopts advanced four sucking and four delivering feeder, with the help of high pressure vacuum pump it can feed the face paper 150-500gsm efficiently. Pre-loading structure reduce the face paper loading time greatly.

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