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Nitrogen generation for vessels with DF propulsion

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    The use of dual-fuel (DF) propulsion systems offers modern vessel operators decisive advantages when it comes to achieving a progressive and leading market position. As a future-oriented owner, why not double your lead by installing the most energy-efficient and cost-effective nitrogen system available on board your ship? With its SK/ASK/ASD-series rotary screw marine compressors, Kaeser can provide the perfect solution.Get more news about nitrogen compressor seller,you can vist our website!

    Both the specific energy consumption and the overall life-cycle expenses of shipboard nitrogen generators for DF systems are predominantly determined by their feed-air compressor. Parameters such as discharge pressure and discharge temperature, as well as the compressed air quality supplied by the feed-air compressor, have a decisive impact upon the design of a nitrogen generator. For example, a feed-air compressor with the highest discharge pressure and the lowest discharge temperature results in a more compact and energy-efficient design for the nitrogen membrane generator, even when operating in the harsh conditions of a machine room.

    Since every cubic metre of nitrogen produced requires between two and three cubic metres of feed air, the impact of the feed-air compressor on the specific energy consumption of a nitrogen generator for a DF system becomes evident immediately. Moreover, the quality of the compressed air produced has a direct impact upon the maintenance expenses for your nitrogen generator – poor air quality will jeopardise the availability of your nitrogen generator, and perhaps even damage it irreparably.
    In summary, a feed-air compressor with the highest discharge pressure, the lowest discharge temperature, the best specific energy efficiency, the highest air quality and preferably the lowest maintenance expenses would be the perfect solution. Perhaps this sounds like the realm of fantasy, but fortunately feed-air compressors such as this do actually exist.

    As the leading worldwide supplier of feed-air compressors for shipboard nitrogen generation systems, Kaeser Kompressoren offers three product lines of marine rotary screw compressors specially designed for vessels with DF propulsion.

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