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Lighting Plus Limited Is One Of The Top Experts In China

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    Thanks to their vast collection of creative lighting designs, Lighting Plus Limited has the best high-quality solutions for your interior design project, whether it is an exclusive residence, commercial design, or even hospitality interiors. Get more news about China Floor Lamps Decor Exporter ,you can vist our website!

    Based in Hong Kong, Lighting Plus Limited is one of the leaders in luxury lighting solutions thanks to their incredible selection of creative lighting collections from the world’s top brands. All in all their main goal as one of the top experts in China is to provide efficient and effective lighting solutions to clientele from different industries.

    Lighting Plus Limited is one of the leading lighting company in Hong Kong since 2011. Their collections are all about unique lighting designs that combine incredible aesthetics with great functionality. Their clientele comes from a wide range of industries, for example, the commercial office, hotels, department stores, shopping arcades, retail shops, restaurants, hospitals, banks, and residential households in Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China.

    Being one of the leading names in China’s lighting design industry, the Lighting Plus Limited company plays an important role of being a distributor and dealer of different European brands, including Modular, Kreon, Wever & Ducré, Luci, Lightgraphix, Lamp, Wila, Orluna, Tokistar, Rovasi, Eden Design, Oty Light, Belux, Luceplan, Marset, Lutron, Jung & Hamilton.

    Lighting Plus Limited proudly provides not only a durable and trustworthy lighting fixtures and lighting control systems to our their clients, but also a one-stop service of different lighting solutions, including the Lighting Specification, Lux Calculation and Lighting Plan. With their help, you will be able to find the bespoke fixture that will light up your home decor!

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