A Quick Intro to Airsoft Batteries

  • Those who shoot spring airsoft guns and even gas operated airsoft guns don’t have to give a second thought to airsoft batteries. That’s because they don’t have to give the first thought to batteries, as their airsoft guns don’t need them.

    For those who play with (or just shoot with) their precious AEGs, however, it’s a different story. Even if you take meticulous care of an AEG and keep it clean and brand new, an electric airsoft gun is just a fancy and heavy paperweight without a charge.

    Check out some of these different types of airsoft batteries below that are very common, along with some of the benefits of each. There is more than one way to go about categorizing these batteries, and they are different not only in terms of power and shape but also in terms of chemical makeup. Here we will categorize them by chemical makeup and then make a not on the different physical styles of batteries that are available.

    Lithium-ion batteries - Lithium-Ion, or less commonly, Li-Ion batteries, are probably already familiar to you because they are common elsewhere, for example, as cell phone batteries. Though they are expensive, they can provide a high power output and they can also take a big charge. You can also charge a lot of them without removing them from the AEG, but this will vary by model.

    Lithium-Polymer batteries - Lithium-polymer batteries, also known as lithium-ion polymer batteries or Li-Poly batteries, are relatively lightweight compared to most Li-Ion batteries of similar specifications. If they fit your AEG, they might make a good match for the simple fact that they are fairly lightweight.

    Nickel-Cadmium batteries - Nickel-Cadmium, or NiCad, batteries, are also relatively popular among airsoft players because they have a very long lifespan. They have a long lifespan and can offer great power output, but they can be damaged by overcharging, so keep that in mind before you plug one in.

    Alkaline batteries - Alkaline batteries are convenient because there are many different versions that are readily available, some of which are rechargeable whereas others are not. At the same time, they offer a fair output of power and can have a fair lifespan. However, if you want to maintain their power output, make sure you don’t let them go dead too often, and don’t let them remain dead for too long.

    There are other types of batteries out there, and the manufacturer’s information that your AEG or other electric gun comes with will tell you what types of batteries you can use with your airsoft gun. It will also tell you the voltage requirements for your airsoft gun (very important) as well as the shape of the battery required.

    Airsoft batteries typically come in three shapes, being brick, nunchuck, and stick-shaped. As you might imagine, each airsoft gun requires a specific shape of the battery. If you want to learn more about the different types of batteries that airsoft guns require or you have questions about what types of batteries to use, contact MiR Tactical via their website, MiRTactical.com, or by phone at 800-581-6620 and they’ll be more than glad to help you out.