Get These Accessories and Airsoft Shotguns for Sale

  • There are some really inventive different airsoft guns that have been designed for CQB. Although a lot of these take on the form of creative electric-powered carbines and other AEGs with short barrels designed for maneuverability, there are some really interesting options out there that are just downright interesting. Some of you might be thinking that for the most part spring-operated airsoft guns are not practical for most close quarters situations in matches, but if you’re looking for an interesting take, check out some Airsoft Shotguns For Sale.

    For example, check out the Double Eagle M56A Tri-Shot Spring Shotgun with a pistol grip and a fixed stock that you can find for sale at MiR Tactical. Although it diverges from some of the more common staples of airsoft guns designed for competitive play and close-quarters situations, it has a lot of cool players and could be useful for some players. At the very least, it’s a whole lot of fun to shoot.

    Designed after the Tokyo Marui M3, this airsoft shotgun, the Double Eagle M56A Tri-Shot Spring Shotgun is a pump-action spring powered airsoft gun that is great for the player looking to add something different to the collection. It comes in at around seven pounds, so this is no lightweight machine and that gives it a lot of durability but it also gives it a great balance, which is something that can be overlooked when you’re searching for a lightweight and maneuverable airsoft gun. The balance of this airsoft shotgun will really surprise you if you take it into competitive play - it’s not too barrel heavy which is a bonus, since you won’t be trying to break clays with it, after all.

    This shotgun doesn’t offer the same muzzle velocities as some more powerful AEGs and gas-powered airsoft guns, but it does offer the reliability of spring action and is designed to shoot more than one BB at once. The shotgun has three barrels and feeds from shells loaded with BBs, so instead of loading a mag you load the BBs and feed them into the shotgun. Depending on your proficiency with handling this type of spring gun, it might actually be a really useful tool if you work in conjunction with other players using different types of airsoft guns.

    You can find this airsoft shotgun at MiR Tactical alongside the same model with a folding stock if you’re looking for something more modular that you can more easily transport. In addition to these airsoft shotguns for sale, you can also find a range of accessories to support them and other similar models.

    Although these models come with pistol grips, you can find front and rear pistol grips at MiR Tactical for other models designed around the 870 and 500, as well as sling point attachments, sights, cases and more. All of this comes in addition to MiR Tactical’s impressive collection of electric airsoft guns, green gas airsoft pistols, sniper rifles, and much more, including a complete catalog of attachments and other tactical accessories.

    Visit their website,, today to check out this Double Eagle Tri-Shot Shotgun to learn a little more about it and see if it’s something you might want to try out. Even if you don’t carry it into a match, you’ll have a lot of fun with it using it for target practice or just tinkering with features and attachments. Plus, if you shop at MiR Tactical, you can be sure you’ll be getting the best price due to their price match guarantee and you’ll be getting reasonable shipping as well. You might even find a GBB pistol to make a practical competitive pair of the duo.