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No position is more expensive in the Madden NFL 23

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    No position is more expensive in the Madden NFL 23 as the quarterback Mut 23 coins. With a base salary of $70.000. Smith is already the seventh highest paid player at his position. Although he only managed to throw 3.313 yards (17th in Madden NFL 23) and 6.52 yards of attempt (29th) in the current season Smith has a lot of value because of his speed. He had 431 rushing yards in the season, which is fifth of any quarterback.

    Smith's greatest strength is his ball security. Smith only threw seven interceptions last season, the lowest of any quarterback who played at least 10 times. Smith has the ability to throw it up when he needs to, as proven by his spectacular 378 yards, three touchdowns over the Indianapolis Colts last weekend.

    In light of what other top quarterbacks receive, expect Smith to sign a five-year deal worth roughly $90 million with an additional $35 million guaranteed. In terms of current contracts, Aaron Rodgers receives the most annually at $22 million per season. On the 10th spot would be Philip Rivers, who is earning $15.3 million.

    Why the Chargers trading Rivers doesn't make sense.

    Must Reads Must Reads Chargers make a deal with John Gennaro? the San Diego Chargers were to send their QB of the year to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for one of the rookie QBs from the Oregon Ducks, what would be the motivation? What would the fallout look like?Should Titans trade Rivers? Jim MorrisThere are several rumors about Philip Rivers is available. If he's available, should the Titans make a deal with the Chargers for their star quarterback? Do you need to read? Chargers swap for Mariota? Should Titans trade Rivers. Rivers is a well-known commodity buy madden nfl 23 coins.

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