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New World Beginner Guide

  • To make sure you have a good start in New World, we'll give some beginner’s tips for you. Aimed squarely at getting you up to scratch as early as possible, you will soon know how to tackle the early stages of the game to the best of your ability.

    Storage And Manufacturing

    Each time you return to the settlement, store your resources in the storage shed. As you build in that particular settlement, you automatically use the resources from that town's storage shed. However, if you travel to a different settlement, your resources will be left behind, although if both settlements are under your faction's control, you can transfer your storage to another allied settlement for a fee.

    You can increase the weight you can carry in your inventory by equipping a backpack. They can be made at Equipment Stations using the crafting skill. We recommend that you make a 'thick leather adventurer's bag' as soon as possible. They require 45 thick leather, 25 linen and ten iron ingots.

    You can convert craft materials common in others using faction store common material converters. In beta, it was actually more efficient to buy materials and convert them into whatever common-made ingredient you needed, as it was the cheapest common-made material.

    Get used to the combat

    New World‘s combat system is much more like an action RPG than a regular MMO. The game’s opening tutorial introduces the basics but there’s far more to it than that. A left mouse click performs a light attack while holding it performs a heavy attack but blocking and dodging are crucial to your chances of survival. Shift helps you dodge out of the way while the right mouse button makes you block. Simple, right? Kind of.

    When up against multiple enemies or fast striking ones, you need to block more than dodge so that you use less stamina and can withstand a longer fight. Dodging is best when up against a foe that strikes slowly but heavily. It’s vital that you learn the differences as quickly as possible otherwise your health is going to be drained very fast.

    In addition, it’s possible to chain together attacks once you understand the recovery times between each blow. Practice makes perfect here and the recovery times vary depending on the weapons you use. Switching between weapons can help you out here too. It’s a good idea to pick two weapons and stick with them so that you can level up your weapon mastery quickly as well as learn how to use them most efficiently.

    Combat ties in heavily to the classless nature of New World so think about the character you wish to create. A tank-based character with plenty of points in strength and constitution will fare better with a massive axe or warhammer, for instance, while a dexterity-focused character should favour a rapier.

    Repairing Armor

    All Armor and Weapons in New World have a durability score. The higher quality your item is, the greater it’s initial durability score. Every piece of gear in New World will eventually lose durability over time, especially when your character dies. Once durability reaches zero, the item cannot be used until it’s repaired.

    Speaking of repair, there are repair kits in game that you can use, but these are actually fairly expensive to obtain AND can only be used on specific tiers of equipment which is VERY annoying. Instead, a much better option is to use the Salvage system which destroys your unwanted gear in return for gold and Repair Parts. Repair Parts are essentially free and also not limited to working only on a specific tier of equipment, plus you’re bound to get tons of armor and weapons that you have absolutely no use for and are simply eating up your weight limit. So, Salvage those items right away so that you can repair and maintain the gear you actually use.

    As a side tip here, you will see an icon appear at the bottom of your screen when a particular armor piece is broken to serve as a reminder to repair that piece.

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