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The Role of an Architect

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    If you are a fan of reality shows where they do room makeovers or redesign homes, you might know what an architect is, however, if you are still a bit unsure as to what they do, this article will define it for you.

    What is an Architect?

    Architects play a vital role in many things, but especially in the design of a building. They are licensed professionals that have the responsibility of overseeing projects and public safety. During every building project, they are there from the beginning until the end, as they must ensure that the new building/house/room will be able to incorporate new surroundings and the client’s ideas. In addition to the design of the building, they must also use extremely specific equipment like a compass, mechanical pencils, T0-square, desk lamp, HP designjet t830 printer, drafting chair, lining pens, and much more to complete their project successfully.

    Are a civil engineer and an architect the same thing?

    Both people are involved in the designing and planning of structure; however, they have distinct roles when it comes to everything. An architect focuses on the aesthetics, look, and feel of the structural work as well as functionality, while the civil engineer will focus on making the structure safe and durable for any type of condition.

    A civil engine has the responsibility of evaluating and analysing all the structural integrity that the architect has created for the construction, as well as adding in any modification to make the architect's paperwork a reality. These two people will work extremely close together from the beginning to the end of the project and their work will sometimes even overlap. However, the better their relationship with one another the more successful the outcome of the project will be.

    What do you need to study to become an architect?

    For you to become an architect, you do not only need to get good marks in high school, but also take certain subjects like Visual Arts or Technical Drawings. You would also be required to study a Bachelor of Science degree or National diploma at a university or Technikon. After you have completed your theoretical part and practical training, you will have to write a practice entrance exam and get registered as an architect with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.

    Architect industry in 2021

    The world is changing and so is the architecture industry. Thanks to the digital transformation, architecture has also been able to change with it. Giving more people access to explore that avenue. This is one of the reasons why this market has been expected to grow by 4.5% from 2021-2026. Increased architecture companies can offer clients VR and AR experience of how their ideas and concepts will look like and therefore, making people more satisfied with using these types of services

    The world has also become more eco-conscious and therefore so have their ideas as well. People are seeking out an architect that can build more sustainable as well as environmentally friendly buildings. Therefore, expecting to also adjust their ideas so that it takes the evolving climate into consideration.


    If you are looking to become an architect, there could not have been a better time as the right tools are available, as well as people seeking innovative solutions for their dream homes.

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