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Why Should We Be Thankful for the Industrial Revolution?

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    Building houses or any structures of today would not have been able to happen if we did not have an industrial hardware supplier in South Africa.  Industrial hardware suppliers supply people with anything from steel profiles to the hardware needed to complete projects. However, these suppliers would not have existed if it was not for the industrial revolution.

    Industrial revolution

    The name was given for the period of the 18th to the 19th century when Britain was transformed from being only an agricultural nation into the manufacturing industry of the world. This happened because machines started to replace people and hand tools with machinery. This machinery was able to produce products and materials much faster and in bigger quantities than humans were able to do. Therefore, when people needed an object, they started creating them from these machines and they could later be found sold in the shops. All of this allowed for products to become more affordable because they were able to be mass-produced and the factories did not have to pay for labour.

    Furthermore, the revolution sparked a lot of innovation in the technological sphere, which led the agricultural and industrial production to grow rapidly and therefore let the economy grow immensely. Therefore, these changes created new farming systems and new types of products that could be used to increase productivity in the whole world.

    South Africa Industrial Hardware industry

    The industrial revolution left a mark in every country in the world, especially in South Africa. It gave countries the opportunities to advance their technology and methods of production.  This is why manufacturing in South Africa has been so successful over the years. In addition, this also includes the manufacturing of iron, steel, and metal, which makes up 20% of the total manufacturing in the whole country, the third most manufactured sector. Making it possible for industrial hardware companies to supply these types of products.

    South Africa has proved itself through a diverse manufacturing base and showing that it can produce one of the most important materials such as steel. Portraying a lot of resilience as well as a huge competitor in the global economy. To this day, South Africa manufactures in industries like agri-processing, textiles, chemicals, electronics, metals, automotive, information and communication technology, as well as clothing and footwear. Therefore, the experts have been able to forecast that the South African manufacturing industry will by 2025, be double its output. We need to remember that we would not have had any suppliers if it were not for manufacturing and that without the industrial revolution, we would not have had manufacturing.


    The industrial revolution is something that happened a few centuries ago, however, it has played a vital role in our society today that we live in. It is thanks to the industrial revolution that we can get products and materials in larger quantities and therefore also more affordable. It has also made it easier to produce for example industrial material like steel pipes faster, which used to be extremely difficult to process.

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