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What is Physical Therapy

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    Physical therapy is a specialized type of treatment that the patient can go through if they have an illness or another type of injury that can make it hard for them to do some of their daily tasks. The aim of this kind of treatment is to help ease some of the pain that you may feel and improve your functioning as well. When it is done well, it can help you move, function, and live better.


    There are a number of reasons why you may need to use physical therapy in your life. Some of these include:

    # Relieve pain you feel

    # Improve your ability and movement

    # Prevent surgery or a permanent disability

    # Help prevent or recover from an injury due to playing sports

    # Rehab after a surgery, injury, accident, or stroke.

    # Help with your balance so that you are less likely to have a slip or fall.

    # Manage some of the chronic illnesses that you may have like arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.

    # Recover after pregnancy

    # Control the bladder or the bowels

    # Adapt if you have to get an artificial limb.

    # Get a brace or a splint

    # Learn how to use some of the various assistive devices like a cane or a walker


    There are so many different things that you will be able to use physical therapy to help out with. Many people do not realize how much they will be able to utilize the physical therapy, providing them with some of the relief they need. If you have had surgery or an injury, or you have noticed that it is more difficult to get things done during the day, then you may want to consider whether physical therapy is right for you.


    At your first appointment, your physical therapist will come up with a plan to help you get better overall. Some of the things that they will test include:

    # How well you are able to move around, grasp things, bend, or reach around.

    # Your balance or the posture

    # Your heartbeat while you are active

    # How well you can climb steps or walk


    This information will help them to put together a great plan to help you get better.


    Physical therapy is going to be one of the best things that you can do to improve your range of motion and help after an injury of any kind. Finding the right therapist to work with you to provide high-quality physical therapy in Chubbuck, ID is important to ensuring that you are able to get better and regain your mobility once more. Take a look at some of our physical therapy services to see what will be the best for you.


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