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The system forced me to take the imperial examination.

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    Chen Xiuniang also took a look at the small Kunlun in Hongxiang's arms To tell the truth she also felt strange that Chen Xiuniang knew best what kind of temper her cat had Although he is usually a little arrogant and doesn't pay much attention to people he is essentially a worry-free cat and never scratches or bites people Today it is really a gaffe After waiting to go back still Commodity Chemicals teach a lesson hurriedly always cannot let a family suffer grievance in vain I don't know if it was agreed in advance but after Hongxiang left with the cat all the servant girls in the house left tacitly and even Chen Jinyu was called away by the little boy next to him For a moment only Gu Shao and Chen Xiuniang were left in the room Chen Xiuniang had something in mind and did not want to talk very much She just sat at the table and was in a trance Gu Shao wanted to sneak away several times but the idea was not put into action so he was scared back by the system Sometimes he really felt that this system was really not like his system after all it was better for Miss Chen than for him Alas With a long sigh Gu Shao stepped forward and sat down next to Chen Xiuniang Chen Xiuniang looked up at Gu Shao with her fingertips and said "What do you want to say to me" "I" Gu Shao really had no face to say but watching the system scold him again in his mind Gu Shao had to explain "I was wrong last time you must not take it to heart" Not to mention the last thing is good a mention of the last time Chen Xiuniang can no longer help she cold face "The last thing the fault is not the childe the original is my fault should not be in the way of the childe let the childe look eyesore" "No no!" Gu Shao saw her angry hurriedly waved "is my fault is my bad memory no conscience" If I remember anything that day won't be like that But I swear it will never happen again Chen Xiuniang did not speak Gu Shao held up three fingers and said "Really I swear if I embarrass you by talking nonsense again in the future I will be punished by God" Gu Shao originally wanted to say that the sky struck thunder and so on but the words to the mouth Leng is to endure Such unlucky words he really can not say what if it comes true Although the system is not good for him he always wants to be good for himself To be honest Gu Shao still cherishes his life very much and he is reluctant to make a poison oath Just have this sentence is enough Chen Xiuniang originally did not blame him now see him admit his mistake but also a heart to Gu Shao side "You don't talk nonsense this is not good" Gu Shao caught a glimpse of her attitude loosening He hurried closer and stared at her intently "Has her anger subsided" In a panic Chen Xiuniang quickly picked up a fan to cover half of her face revealing only a pair of twinkling beautiful eyes Gu Shao thought she disliked herself and then she stepped back a little with a smile If I had known it earlier I would not have been so close China Chemicals Gu Shao touched his nose The misunderstanding was solved and the atmosphere between the two men was not as stiff as it had been at the beginning Although the two people do not meet many times but because both of them are considerate of each other so they always speak very well Most of the time Gu Shao was talking and Chen Xiuniang was listening What Gu Shao said was nothing more than the travel notes he had read Chen Xiuniang is also a good reader but she reads serious books the first time she heard such a strange story unexpectedly also feel extremely novel how to listen to enough She originally believed that Gu Shao had learned well but now she saw Gu Shao's extraordinary style of conversation and she secretly admired him in the bottom of her heart It's just that if Chen Xiuniang wants to listen a little longer her parents won't allow it Let the daughter meet with the son-in-law just to let two people more familiar with each other can stay more it seems that their girls are too clingy Two quarters of an hour later Li Shi sent someone to look for him Not to drive Gu Shao away but to let them go to dinner When the servant girl came to invite her Chen Xiuniang realized that she had unconsciously stayed with Gu Shao for so long Looking at Gu Shao's natural appearance Chen Xiuniang secretly encouraged herself Is it just a few more words It's nothing After coming out of the Chen family Gu Shao took a long detour to Gu Dawen and asked him to take the news home Gu Dawen also moved quickly and when he went back in the evening he went to his uncle's house before he came home Chen Jinlian was eating but when she heard the news the chopsticks stopped Gu Dahe was the only one on the table who was really happy Gu Xiaomei does not understand so much only know that the second brother seems to go to the county to study and seven days later they will go to the Chen family to visit Gu Li is a face of life without love he really really do not want to go to school I Commodity Chemicals don't want to go to any school Dad can't I not go I can let my eldest brother teach me Anyway his eldest brother certainly doesn't have the patience Gu Dahe gave him a white look "You are really ungrateful" How can everyone have such a good opportunity Now you can go to the county to study or your eldest brother's light if you don't study hard in the future see if I don't break your legs! Gu Li was scolded in a daze Gu Dawen looked at his uncle and knew that his uncle had agreed He did not stay here much but after bringing the words to him he went home by himself After he left Gu Dahe was still happy there Soon there will be a second scholar in their family! "It's really blessed by our ancestors" "Brother Li you have to study hard when you get to the county town Don't lose your eldest brother's face" "Did you hear that!" "I hear you" Gu Lisheng held the bowl without love Gu Dahe was rejoicing when he suddenly saw his wife with a broken face and an expressionless face Startled he asked tentatively "What's the matter with you" "What's the matter" What else can I do! People have calculated to our family head up you this fool still do not know at all! Chen Jinlian poked him in the head and was furious Is it up to us Who When I don't know Gu Dahe was confused Otherwise how can I say you are confused! Idiot! Chen Jinlian originally did not like the Chen family but now that she had done so she was even more disliked globalchemmall.com

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