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Devil's law

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    Similarly when a holy knight dies in battle his companions will take down the holy knight's badge and bring it back to the temple where it will be stored in a place called the "temple" to commemorate the sacrifice of the knight who died in battle Dardanelles' eyes flashed and he quickly rolled up the dead knight's sleeve The clothes had been frozen hard and it was hard to roll them up Dyes and Pigments but when the sleeves were rolled up to the elbows Dardanelles sighed "It seems that I was right Look at this scar It was ironed with divine oil" This is a kind of baptism of holy knights in the temple Every holy knight has a scar on his arm from this oil Du Wei leaned over and saw a hot mark on the corpse's arm which was unique as if it were a beating flame Dardanelles explained as he gestured "When a young holy knight is baptized he will have a big pot of boiling oil beside him and then the Pope of the Temple will personally preside over the ceremony holding a special iron sword with a seal inlaid on its head" The sword and seal together represent the holy knight's mission to defend the authority of the gods in the world with'force and power ' At the ceremony the Pope will personally dip one end of the sword inlaid with the seal in the hot oil of God and then burn it red and brand it on the arm of the baptized knight! This mark is the glory of every holy knight! It is also their glory Conversely if you do something against the gods become a rebel violate your beliefs and commit a felony you will be punished by the temple Even before you are executed the temple will scrape this mark off your arm with a knife! This means that even if you die your soul will not be forgiven by the gods! In fact Du Wei also knows what Dardanelles said He nodded "Well so although it is usually said that the Holy Knight wears two badges the Holy Knight himself thinks that he wears three badges" And the third badge is this scar on their arm "So you know that too Harry" Dardanelles sighed The two men silently buried the dead knight again and then both of them looked a little dignified! A slain holy knight! But also a level four knight with good martial arts skills! This is not a simple thing! Holy knights have a special place in the empire They are responsible for guarding the power of the gods in the world and they are a special group These people have been doing penance since childhood Powerful devout and China Chemicals It has to be said that most of the holy knights are of noble character And most importantly No one dares to murder a holy knight! Even holy knights who break the law or who betray their faith can only be judged and punished by the temple itself Not to mention a sinner Even a normal holy knight if he kills one then it is tantamount to challenging the authority of the Temple of Light! Challenging the authority of the gods' agents on earth! 101dunet Collection Is against the entire Temple of Light! Enemy of the Temple of Light Even the emperor Or the magic guild dare not do so! Anyone who dares to make an enemy of the Holy Knight or even kill the Holy Knight It's all those notoriously powerful evil guys For example decades ago a powerful and evil magician killed tens of thousands of civilians in order to study necromancy and even turned a small town into a ghost town overnight which angered the temple and sent the temple knights Killed the sorcerer at great cost There are many things like this in history all of which are done by holy knights But that's it! Other than that the Holy Knight will never do anything else boring! Will not run to the frozen forest to hunt Warcraft! Holy knights are not mercenaries! In this place there is a holy knight so there is only one explanation the holy knight came here It's a mission! They've come to hunt down some evil strong man! Defend the honor of the temple with their swords! "I'm afraid our journey will not be peaceful" Du Wei and Dardanelles met at a glance and their eyes were complicated Food and Feed Additives After a little rest the two men reburied the dead holy knight and moved on However a day later They found the grave again! There are three graves this time! All three tombs are buried with dead holy knights! And this time one of the bodies After Dardanelles took a look he was shocked on the spot! "Brother" Lord Goffett! This is Lord Goffett! Looking at a man lying under the snow with a silver armor on his body In this weather he does not wear leather armor but wear a metal armor which is absolutely crazy in the eyes of ordinary people! Metal things are more likely to freeze to death in such a cold place! Far less useful than leather armor! But the dead man was wearing metal armor If he is not a madman then it only means that his strength is very strong strong enough to be unaffected by the cold weather! This guy's face is clean and there's not even a trace of blood on his body That's different from the other bodies they found Dewey Obviously the people who buried him also treated him with special courtesy because of his different status Even when the knight was buried the beard on his face was shaved and his hair was carefully arranged So he lay quietly in the snow pit his hands clasped in his chest and in his hands a beautiful sword with silver light lay quietly on his chest This man's appearance is very handsome although the whole body has been frozen black and blue but Du Wei can still think of how elegant he was when he was alive globalchemmall.com

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