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    "Now that Beria has consolidated his position in the Politburo of the Central Committee, once the Politburo meeting is held, Stalin will inevitably be impeached and finally hand over power.". Our opportunity lies precisely in this. After nearly a month's arrangement, I have contacted the supporters of Comrade Tukhachevsky, and all preparations are basically in place. Most importantly, I have secretly contacted Comrade Rokossovsky, Comrade Konev and Comrade Vasilevsky. Although they have not explicitly expressed their support for us, they have indicated that they will join the anti-Beria camp. So now all you have to do is to suggest to Stalin that the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee can be changed to an enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau, so that more people can participate in the resolution of high-level personnel changes, and all our opportunities lie here. A few hundred words of simple letters, let Vasily's mind suddenly enlightened, but also fully understand the whole set of plans conceived by Kryuchkov. Obviously, this young man, who at first looked a little timid and green, was definitely not as simple as his appearance. His plan was to rehabilitate Tukhachevsky, who not only had high prestige in the Soviet army, but also were the first revolutionaries who had closely followed their mentor Lenin. Above all, the generals who have been implicated in past and present power infighting but who have been spared in the end must be unhappy with Stalin, especially Beria, the executioner. It is easy to win the appreciation and sympathy of Tukhachevsky and others. So when this step is completed, Kryuchkov has completed the first plan to win people's hearts. Next, he needs to arrange the best time to move, so that Stalin and Beria have a gap between them, and eventually lead to the two men against each other is undoubtedly the best way. The appearance of Vasily was undoubtedly an initial motivation to divide Stalin and Beria. Later, the occurrence of the "Pravda Incident" created a good opportunity for Beria to seize power. The mysterious assassination of Serov made Beria panic. Kryuchkov, who controlled the third round, could easily blame Stalin for Serov's death. In this case, Beria could not perceive that his men were playing tricks, he would only think that Serov's death was a precursor of Stalin's attack on him, in this case, he seemed to have no other way but to speed up the seizure of power. Who is in charge of the ups and downs: World War III (Closing Volume) Chapter 1191 Storm Center Set up a series of plots in advance to push their political opponents to the center of the storm, and then hide in a safe place to stand on the sidelines, laughing at all the people fighting head broken and bleeding, life-and-death, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, and finally stand up as a peacemaker to clean up the mess, collecting all the benefits into their own pockets. This was the modus operandi of Kryuchkov, a Soviet-era KGB chief. Vasily had to admit that he had underestimated this guy. The old fox was a natural conspirator. Even though he was still young, his vicious tactics had been shown. The preliminary arrangements have been successfully completed, and the next issue is the Politburo meeting. If it were only a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, Stalin would have absolutely no chance of winning today. For this reason, Kryuchkov arranged a "good way" for him to change the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau into an enlarged meeting of the Politburo or even a party Congress. In this way, Stalin still had a glimmer of hope. After all, Beria can control the Politburo Standing Committee, but it is impossible to control the party representatives distributed throughout the country. If he does not want to be overthrown by Beria, Stalin seems to have to take this road at present, but the road arranged by Kryuchkov himself is still a seemingly bright but actually a dead road to hell. As Kryuchkov said in his letter, he had contacted Rokossovsky, Konev and Vasilevsky, and Vasily knew very well what role these three men could play. Rokossovsky was the most direct victim of Stalin's campaign to exclude dissidents. To put it bluntly, he is the survivor who climbed out of the pile of dead people. The old marshal had been sent to the execution ground, and his comrades who had fought side by side had fallen down one by one, but what hit him in the neck was an empty bullet. He survived by a fluke. He spent several years in prison, and only a few months ago, he was released and returned to the army. Can a man like this, who single-handedly sent himself to the guillotine, have a crush on Stalin and Beria? Vasilevsky and Rokossovsky are in a similar situation. Although he was not implicated, he was an admirer of Tukhachevsky. The two men were very good comrades-in-arms, and the most important thing was that Vasilevsky was very clear about the inside story of the Tukhachevsky case. If necessary, he can come out to testify and clear the name of Comrade Laotu. Konev is now the commander of the 19th Army, and his role seems to be even greater. The 19th Group Army was currently stationed in Moscow, and if Stalin was determined to hold an enlarged meeting of the Politburo or a party Congress, the party representatives from all over the country would have to be met by military aircraft from the military region. In this way, there is a lot of room for Konev to control the list of delegates, and he can pick up those who stand on his side and others. After all, this is an extraordinary period of international and domestic turmoil, and it is inevitable that some people will not be picked up, disappear for no reason, or have some accidents on the way to the plane. First, the political struggle between Stalin and Beria was used to dispel Beria's influence, and then the Great Purge was used to reverse the verdict and overthrow Stalin's rule. The two are closely linked, leaving no time for anyone to breathe. This Kryuchkov is definitely a highly dangerous person. Vasily sighed,impact beam tubes, and at this moment he finally understood his naivety. When it came to politics and intrigue, he seemed to be a difficult opponent for such a person as Kryuchkov. But fortunately, he and I are still comrades in the same trench. cbiesautomotive.com

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