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Shangguan Ding ChaoFan Island

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    Hua Wuqiu kept it in mind. As soon as he saw that the sky was hazy, he immediately said, "The younger generation is going to leave with the master." "Why don't you have something to eat before you go?" Asked the foolish old man. "The two Taoist priests haven't arrived yet," said Hua Wuqiu. "The younger generation is very worried." The foolish old man said, "At present, there must be countless masters watching at the foot of the peak. My brother should be especially careful. Let the old man and you two break through the barrier." "You don't have to go down when you're old," said Hua Wuqiu. "It's too conspicuous for you to go out." "It's more than 170 feet high from the top to the bottom," said the foolish old man, "and there's no way to stop halfway. It's too dangerous to land like this." Hua Wuqiu said, "It is because of the high relationship that the enemy is out of expectation." Finish saying a hand, stand with the monk to choose a place to rush to the peak! The foolish old man ran after them and felt very uneasy when he saw them falling like stars on the top of the shore. The moon was hidden in the clouds, and the mountain wind whistled. This was the right time for Hua Wuqiu to choose. They kept landing and rushed into a forest at the same time. Although they knew that there were enemies ambushed nearby, they did not care so much. They just wanted to hide as much as possible. It took me a long time to go round and round, and I walked through two mountains in the shadow of the enemy. Only then did I see the stone peak in sight. Hua Wuqiu said, "Master, now we are trying to figure out where the enemy is." "In the wild," said the monk, "it's not as good as in the city. The keeper must be in a cave. If you want to know exactly, it's only reliable if you catch him alive and force him to confess." "You have to catch an important person," said Hua Wuqiu. "Don't ordinary people know as much as we do?" The monk said, "The poor monk's adventure is here. Since the other side is an important person, his skill must be high. I'm afraid it's not easy to subdue him all of a sudden. Maybe a large number of people will come." Hua Wuqiu knew that she was not sure,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, so she said, "We are now close to the most important and dangerous area of the enemy." Approaching the stone peak, the monk quietly pointed to an old tree and said, "Almsgiver, climb to the top of the tree first to see how it is. How can it be so quiet?" Hua Wuqiu said, "When we get to the place where the leader is, the light and shade cards released are not fuel-efficient lamps. The clearer they are, the more dangerous they look. That tree can't go. Maybe it's someone else's observation platform!" "Then how can we get out of the woods without any shelter in front of us?" The monk asked solemnly. Hua Wuqiu had a brainwave and whispered,Precision steel tubes, "How about taking the risk of hooking a fish?" "Want to bring them here?" The monk asked. Hua Wuqiu nodded and said, "Master, step back more than twenty feet and deliberately make a little noise. The younger generation is here to prepare. If someone really comes to check, it will be hooked." The monk shook his head and said, "It's too dangerous. If someone on the other side is really on that independent old tree, if he is a poor monk, he should pass the secret signal to the back first, and then come to check. This will put us in a dilemma." Hua Wuqiu said with a smile, "The younger generation has made a good plan. I hope that man will be arrogant and arrogant." Thinking of his former personality, the monk could not help sighing, "If you don't go to the mountains, don't know the plains, don't eat the food of pheasants, and don't know how thick or thin it is. The benefactor's hope is probably right. A person who can be modest and measure himself will have no ambition. Good!"! Fellow monk, step back and try! When Hua Wuqiu saw him running back, he immediately stood at the edge of the forest, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, holding the hilt of the sword in his right hand, ready to take him by surprise and succeed in one fell swoop. The monk had not yet made a name for himself. Unexpectedly, there was a big accident. Suddenly, a voice shouted coldly, "Your fish is already waiting for the hook. That Tuo is rolling back!" The voice rose outside the forest, estimated to be ten feet away, which shocked Hua Wuqiu, who did not expect his ears to make such a big mistake, and at the same time knew that the other side was a very important role. The monk was so experienced that he was frightened and calm. He turned his head in a flash and laughed softly, saying, "My monk has been eating vegetarian rape for a generation. Tonight I want to hook a fish and open the meat first. But I don't know that it's fate. He deserves bad luck. Hey!"! On the road, come out and show yourself. “ An old man appeared in the haystack outside the forest. His face was as black as charcoal, and he was as thin as firewood. He was probably a few years older than the monk. He swaggered toward the edge of the forest and said with a sneer, "Toutuo, who sent you here?" The monk never lied all his life, so he had no choice but to laugh and said, "I'm from Annan. I became a monk and served as a Brahman. I don't know what to call the old benefactor." The withered old man said with a sneer, "I didn't expect the Brahman to have a yellow-skinned monk. So the master was sent by the Six Kings. He is just an ancient charcoal fairy in Qiongya!"! Why hasn't the young man come out yet? The monk was startled. Knowing that it was the ancient charcoal spirit, one of the two spirits of Qiongya, he thought, "He has turned the'spirit 'into an'immortal'!" Hua Wuqiu walked out slowly and then chattered with the monk. "What can I do for you, Laozhang?" He asked with a smile. When Gu Tanjing met him, he was stunned and asked, "If you two dare to come here, you must do something." Hua Wuqiu said, "At a time when the various factions are contending for supremacy, our faction cannot but explore the actual situation in the martial arts world." With a sneer, Gu Tanjing said, "How dare the Six Kings send someone to inquire about the resting place of Emperor Xiaoyao?" The monk laughed and said, "Haven't you sent a master to explore our territory?" Gu Tanjing's eyes were like lightning. "More than ten of our men are missing," he said in a deep voice. "So you've captured them!" Hua Wuqiu knew that he was going to do it, so he took the lead. Suddenly, there was a flash of red light, like lightning, which caught him by surprise. The Purple Dragon Sword, like the wind, pointed to his opponent's chest and shouted, "Don't move!" Gu Tanjing didn't expect to bump into the first master in Wulin, but he was too late. His posture changed sharply, as fast as a breeze. He just wanted to get away first, and then counterattack. Things were unexpected again, but he couldn't get off the tip of the purple dragon sword in his chest. He heard the voice of Hua Wuqiu pouring into his chest one by one, saying, "Ancient charcoal spirit, I can't bear it any more. I believe you know the three unique styles of Xiaoyao swordsmanship. How can you get rid of them? At the same time, you know better that this swordsmanship may break through the supreme internal strength. If you don't know each other any more, it will kill you!" The top master and the top master fought against each other, and the difference between victory and defeat was only one line. When Gu Tanjing heard these heart-breaking words, he knew that he was in a desperate situation. He stopped and sighed,cold drawn tubes, "Are you the Thunderbolt Hero?" The monk was elated. "Almsgiver," he said with a smile, "you've really hit the target with one word. Be careful. Don't shout too loudly. Don't lose your life for your own voice." "Are you the No Man's Head Tuo?" Said the ancient charcoal spirit with a smile. 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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