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Wufang Youth Tour (Pai Pai)

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    "This is the place where I first saw the prince. At that time, he was holding a pen to write. He looked up at me coldly until the last stroke." Ling Hui smiled and stroked the case slowly, "I love him, not because of his appearance, but because I saw the ink he wrote." No man's handwriting can be as majestic and unswerving as his. I often listen to my sister's anecdotes outside. Although I was born in the royal family, I was curious about Jianghu. I heard a lot about the prince's tactics, and my heart was more determined to marry him, because only such a person can be in charge of the country side by side with my father. Leng Shuangcheng still clasped his hands and stood calmly at the foot of the steps, silent, thin jaw, stiff white-collar so that her lips looked a little indifferent. Ling Hui looked at her and said with a smile, "Ye Fu's eyes actually told me everything very early. I know that the prince even ignored his father's feelings for you and tried his best to cover up the crime of leaking the secret of the ancient well for you.." Now the prince is in a very awkward situation. When I left the palace, my father was drawing up the imperial edict for the second marriage. If he disobeyed his father's order again this time, his father would become angry because he had been rejected many times, and he would certainly begin to seize his power. In this way, the future of the prince is worrying. Leng Shuangcheng lowered his eyebrows and stood motionless. Zhao Linghui did not understand Leng Shuangcheng's habits. After taking a look at her face, she continued briskly, "The prince came to me on the morning of the 10th. What can he do to put down his cruel words to destroy my father's desire to force him to marry me? At that time,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, I was so sad that I blurted out, 'It's not that I stopped you, but that the exorcism led by General Manager Wu can accept her.'" This idea was later confirmed during a visit by General Manager Wu. He listened to this sentence after a cold smile, "Wu operator is it?"? I want him to be the first to kowtow to Leng Shuangcheng and admit his mistake. That was the first time I heard him call your name. I still remember his cold smile. "Miss Leng is so smart, I'm afraid I can see General Manager Wu's hostility to you.". In charge of the four courtyards to ward off evil spirits, Leng Qi was killed by you,side impact door beams, and Bai Li was abolished by the prince because he offended you.. Ling Hui could not help but pause at this time, because she saw that Leng Shuangcheng, who had been standing still, actually shook. "In order to save you, Mr. Dongge did not hesitate to change the cold poison to death. From this we can see that only the manager is left to ward off evil spirits.". General Manager Wu is an important minister entrusted by the former Villa Leader. If he doesn't recognize you, people in the world will laugh at your Highness and make you two humiliated.. Leng Shuangcheng's face sank like water, but she couldn't help thinking of the past. When she first came out to ward off evil spirits, she wanted to escape, but fate sent her to the North Fortress. Mr. Dongge and General Manager Wu held their respective sides for her, and the injustice had not disappeared until Mr. Dongge died. Most importantly, she remembered what Xiao Qiao had entrusted to her. Ling Hui saw that Leng Shuangcheng had been silent from beginning to end. After seemingly pondering for a moment, she suddenly raised her head and said a word: "Good." Ling Hui was so surprised that all the wise people could hear that she was blocking Leng Shuangcheng and helping her get married. Unexpectedly, Leng Shuangcheng had no color on his face, side impact beams ,stainless steel 304 pipes, so he readily agreed to the word. "Miss Leng understood what I meant," said Ling Huiqi. Leng Shuangcheng said to her, "Children of Jianghu, be spontaneous. I have been unable to make a choice since I was born. This time I have made a bold choice. I am willing to leave this troubled place and do what I want to do.". Why not fulfill the wishes of many people in this way? When Ling Hui saw her talking, she asked awkwardly, "Don't you like Miss Leng?" Prince, don't you want to stay with him? Leng Shuangcheng smiled at the corners of his mouth and said, "To tell you the truth, Mr. Qiu Ye uncharacteristically accommodated me, which really moved me.". But in return, I can't miss his future, and I have more important things to do. After saying that, he worshipped and turned around and left the study without looking back. Zhao Linghui looked at Fang Junxiu's figure and sighed in her heart: "Apart from a reluctant smile, this man is calm and generous." The elegant bedroom is airtight, and the white magnolia lampshade is burning, which makes everything shine. In the silence of the gauze curtain, there lay the silent autumn leaves according to the sword, and on the wall in front of the ebony table stood the motionless Leng Shuangcheng. Outside the door came a step, two steps of steady footsteps, is still so not impatient, not slow. Lonely triumphantly lightly pushed open the door, after a year, so unexpectedly appeared again in front of Leng Shuangcheng. His cheeks were as thin as bamboo, but they could not destroy his handsome and elegant outline. Immersed in the dim candlelight, his face was like a translucent jade. He silently glanced, and his bright eyes fell on Leng Shuangcheng, who was standing facing the wall, and no longer moved half a minute: "It's so hard to see you again." As soon as Leng Shuangcheng's body moved, he slowly crawled down and bowed down: "On the first day of junior high school, I learned that it was Zhao Yingcheng who put the childe under house arrest. I was frightened and speculated that it was the first day of junior high school that involved the childe.." Lonely Triumph listened to her choking voice. He dodged and coughed faintly: "It's none of your business. It was Mr. Zhao who invited me to be a guest in the prince's mansion in order to find out the whereabouts of a man. He didn't embarrass me." After hearing this, Leng Shuangcheng felt a little at ease. The lonely triumphant return said again: "On the first day of junior high school, after such a long time, you still love to do this empty ceremony … …" Get up, Cheng Xiang has told me something, as long as you can get out of here, you can ask me to do anything. Leng Shuangcheng got up in silence and turned his back to the two men in the room for a moment. Then he asked in a steady voice, "Childe, can we start?" "How do you start standing facing the wall?" Leng Shuangcheng smiled silently and said, "You don't know anything. I can't look back at Prince Akiba behind me." "Why?" Solitude triumphed with emphasis. I dare not look at him, I am afraid he blames me. Please don't ask any more questions. Lonely Triumph sighed: "Outsiders can't see it,precision welded tubes, but I know you can't escape after all. It's more or less true." After saying this, he sighed again, as if this sigh was a regret for his late opportunity. cbiesautomotive.com

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