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Quickly wear black and fall in love with white lotus

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    But at that time, although only a few short years together, but Qi Jiasheng for Han Xiu's care can be said to be meticulous, small to try to live, big aspects even to teach him how to distinguish the people in society. Still can not help, tears flow down, voice also began to choke, Lu Lehan stammered: "Uncle Qi, where did you go? I waited for you for a long time and you did not come back." The other side was laughing, but his voice was a little low when he did this. Qi Jiasheng's voice became hoarse: "Xiao Xiu, why haven't you changed at all? You still love crying so much. Have you forgotten how Uncle Qi taught you?" "No, I'm not crying. I'm just too excited," Lu said, hurriedly wiping tears from his face. The doctor looked at his flustered appearance and laughed at him again. Lu Lehan glared at him cautiously, then covered his mouth with his hand and quietly asked the man on the phone: "Uncle Qi, how did you know I was here?" Qi Jiasheng said with a smile, "Blue Flag told me." "Blue Flag?" Lu Lehan unconsciously repeated his name and looked up at the doctor. The doctor raised his eyebrows and smiled at him, nodding to show that he was the blue flag. Last time I Blue Flag said that there was a student in his school whose grade was not high, but who had a senior demon Dan in his body. I was wondering if it was you. I asked him to take a picture for me, but I didn't think it was really you. Lu Lehan used his eyelids to see that the blue flag was still on him. He was still a little afraid of him. He pouted his mouth and did not wipe his tears. He complained, "Then why didn't you come to me?" Qi Jiasheng laughed twice over there: "I asked the blue flag, see you have quite adapted, did not bother you, Xiaoxiu, you have to be independent ah." "It's not a disturbance." Lu Lehan retorted. Okay, okay, I'm not interrupting, but didn't I tell Blue Flag before? Why didn't he tell you? There seemed to be something on the other side, and there was the sound of the pages turning. Lu Lehan looked up doubtfully at the blue flag: "What did you say?" The other side sighed slightly, as if helpless, but inexplicably contained spoiling. Lu Lehan was caught off guard and ate a mouthful of dog food, choking almost out of breath. Sure enough, Qi Jiasheng said, "He loves to play so much. The murder cases in your school are not simple. You should be careful during this period. I told Lan Qi to let him take care of you. If you have something to do, you can find him." Lu Lehan misunderstood others. At the moment, he looked up at the blue flag shyly. He lowered his head and said quietly, "I know, Uncle Qi. When do you have time? I really want to see you." The other side laughed and said, "Uncle Qi wants to see you, too. I'm busy these days. When I finish my work, Uncle Qi will go to see you." Lu Lehan promised happily and hung up the phone contentedly. Mobile phone handed back to the blue flag, a little coy, want to speak for a long time can not open the mouth. Blue flag has long heard of Han Xiu in Qi Jiasheng, and also knows that he is that kind of character. He took the cell phone with a smile: "It's really a mimosa. I believe it." Looking at his embarrassed appearance, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible pallet box, the smile at the corners of his mouth was exaggerated. Some wanted to reach out and touch his hairy head, but he still didn't reach out: "Well, I don't blame you." Lu Lehan raised the corner of his eye and looked at him angrily, not daring to look him in the eye. "Thank you, Uncle Lan," he said in a small voice. The Blue Flag, who was still teasing, quickly straightened his face: "Your Uncle Qi didn't know what happened to you last night." Then the blue flag said: "I have not had time to find you, you were sent to me here, it seems that someone has investigated you, at least must know before I asked you about things, but do not know why to investigate you.". ” Lu Lehan is stupefied, investigate oneself, is it really because of the thing of demon Dan? Save yourself for dessert at the end? "Rest assured, this school should not have a higher level of plants than the demon Dan in your body, I was lucky to see a high-level demon Dan a long time ago, see your level does not match the demon Dan, so I can guess, if it is a single look, I can not see it." The blue flag saw that he was afraid and said a few words to comfort him. After listening to the words of the blue flag, Lu Lehan not only did not put down his heart, but was even more afraid. The man last night, he knew about the demon Dan! Lu Lehan stopped shaking and said, "Then why.." Blue flag shook his head, as if he was also thinking about why Lu Lehan would be hijacked, what did not happen will be released, a long time said: "Now also can not determine who is the person who brought you here, more do not know his motives and purposes, so you do not scare yourself first." Lu Lehan didn't scare himself. It was someone else who was scaring himself. All the evidence before pointed to Wu Wang, but now it seems that it is not the same thing. But you'd better be careful recently. Try not to go out. By the way, would you like to live directly in our place? Your uncle Qi is a policeman. Maybe he can help you investigate. The blue flag thought for a moment and finally suggested. Lu Lehan gently shook his head and refused. Although they were well-intentioned, he could not disturb their lives. More importantly, now he knew who the important person Qi Jiasheng said was. Is it difficult to eat dog food every day after living in it? Besides, I can't live without Wu Huang at all, even if I want to move out, I have to be with Wu Huang. Not because of anything else, without energy, I can only wait for death. If I want to get energy, I must stay with Wu. Besides, Wu is the most likely person, isn't it. Blue flag is still not at ease, want to persuade again, before always heard Qi Jiasheng mentioned, today saw, this child he still quite like, do not want him to have any mistakes. Lowering his head and drooping his eyelids, Lu Lehan said, "I'm with my roommate..". Move out 。” After a long pause,plastic pallet containers, Blue Flag was suddenly enlightened. He looked at him with an expression that I understood. He said with a smile, "Well, that's all right. You two are safer." 。 binpallet.com

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