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    For before Ye Wenya saved several of them, whether Song Jiale or Jiang Haobaixia are all very grateful to her, other things can not be done, it is easy to deal with strange beasts. You can keep the strange animal meat for yourself. I prefer to eat ordinary animal meat. Ye Wenya stood up with the cat in her arms, shook her head with a smile, and refused directly. Exotic animal meat contains a lot of harmful dark matter, even if the meat has enough energy, it is a good thing to restore physical fitness and improve physical fitness. But from small to large, the understanding of dark matter, but let Ye Wenya dare not easily try, but she does not intend to rashly change other people's attitude towards strange animal meat. Fingers unconsciously stroked the little head of the black cat and reached out to scratch each other's chin. The black cat's face was full of helplessness, but he firmly stretched out his paws and pushed away Ye Wenya's palm again. Why does this woman always like to touch and hug him? Even though he looks like an ordinary black cat now, he is also a normal man. The black cat's face was serious, more and more cold, and its tail was a little irritable,plastic pallet suppliers, and its face was full of helplessness. Ye, I didn't expect you to like cats so much. Bai Xia, who had been standing by and watching the pet, tilted his head and looked at the black cat and said with a smile, "This black cat should be an ordinary wild cat on the planet K-0218, right?"? Looks like the strength is very poor,plastic pallet bins, the ability to dodge is not very good, just also bumped into Ye classmate I do not know oh oh um body. Even the hair all over his body was dark and not very good-looking. Bai Xia looked at the black cat with a little disgust in his eyes. As a silver-haired hamster, he really didn't like animals with dark fur. He looked at Ye Wenya with a smile and suggested in a particularly sincere tone: "Why don't I send you a cat after the exam? How about the reward for saving me and Pan Mu this time?" Bai Xia's clean little face is full of smiles. "Although the animal shape of our Bai family is hamster, in fact, our family especially likes to keep cats. My father keeps a long-haired cat with white hair and blue eyes. It's smart and beautiful. Ye must like it when he sees it!" "Yes." Song Jiale stretched out his head, looked down at the black cat in Ye Wenya's hand and frowned: "I also think this black cat is dark and ugly. These wild animals are not only wild and difficult to tame, but also may have other parasites on their bodies.." Why don't you get another cat when you get back. Black Cat:! Held in Ye Wenya's arms, the black cat who just wanted to struggle was stiff all over and his back was cold, as if he had been choked coldly by a merciless hand, and dared not move. Smiling, plastic pallet crates ,ibc spill containment pallet, Ye Wenya rubbed the black cat's paws and touched its head. "No," she said with a smile. "This cat is very good, and the color of the black cat is not ugly. Even if there are parasites, you don't have to worry about it. When you get back to school, you can wash it with a pair of medicine." She kept the cat because she felt that she had a predestined relationship with it. She didn't particularly like the cat, and naturally she didn't have any idea of changing the cat. Hearing that he would not be abandoned on this barren star, the black cat breathed a sigh of relief and grinned at Bai Xia and Song Jiale. Whoo! Whoo! ——” "The black cat brandished its claws, growled menacingly, and showed a mouthful of small fangs." But Don't you have a cat to be happy? This cat is not clingy. It can't even meow, and it looks a little fierce. Why do you keep it? It's better to change it to a clingy one, which is more comfortable. Bai Xia looked sincerely at Xiao Ming and suggested. Ye Wenya lowered his head, frowned slightly, and looked at the black cat with a thoughtful face. Such an expression instantly made the black cat sound the alarm bell again. His whole body was stiff, and he could not even move the tip of his tail. His eyes flashed a touch of panic that was hard to detect. Black Cat: "… … …" Black Cat: "Meow" This cat's meow is very soft and lovely. The author has something to say: Bai Jia: There is nothing wrong with hamsters keeping cats! That's how I like it! The white family turns into a hamster and stands on the top of their cat, with high momentum! Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: 5 bottles of Night Charm; 2 bottles of Seven Treasures; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! 、13 Originally bared his teeth and brandished his claws to stretch out and scratch people's small claws, all of them were cleverly withdrawn. The black cat came back and forth with a small meat pad in a coquettish manner, stepped on Ye Wenya's arm to massage her, and made a sweet and coquettish meow in his mouth, and a lovely purr in his throat. Seeing Ye Wenya looking at it, the black cat's body stiffened slightly, then pretended to be as if nothing had happened, and intimately rubbed his head against Ye Wenya's arm, which was so clingy and lovely. Had it not been for the black cat, which two minutes ago was so aggressive that it grinned and wanted to bite, Ye Wenya would have suspected that she had an illusion. Bai Xia saw that Ye Wenya really liked the black cat and had no intention of changing the cat at all. He sighed with regret. But Song Jiale raised the fire and said with a smile, "Since you're not going to be with Fang Shaoyuan in the future, and you like cats so much.." Why don't I introduce you to some feline orcs later? "My brothers are very good." My eldest brother and second brother are both feline orcs with double A-level mental constitution, and the awakening is leopard, no worse than Fang Shaoyuan! Why don't you try back? Song Jiale blinked his eyes and looked forward to it. Since she had just seen Ye Wenya's ability in pharmacy, she had always wanted to have a good relationship with each other. Unfortunately, their relationship on weekdays was slightly better than that of ordinary people. Now that she wanted to say more, she always felt a little inappropriate. Now that she saw the opportunity, she was naturally busy selling her brother. In the Orcish Empire, apothecaries have a high status,collapsible bulk containers, even if they are just ordinary low-level apothecaries, small nobles will be willing to marry them. What's more, Ye Wenya's talent is so outstanding that he knows at a glance that the future is promising. Dosage division 。 binpallet.com

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