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    Behind the people seem to want to keep up, summer good night said: "One step forward, not sure zombies will not rush in..." Sure enough. Zombie seems to be very with summer good night, after hearing this sentence, Qi Qi roared. Zombies have no expression on their faces to show, but their open mouths and fangs can clearly show that these zombies are looking forward to it. Looking forward to eating all the prey in it! Those people were too frightened to move, to be exact, they could not move. Summer good night quickly left the sight of those people, seems to go away quickly, but in fact. Summer night Ann mixed in the zombies inside, also began to observe secretly. 、1119. No Chapter 1118 Doomsday Tracking 21. After all, they are a group of their own men. Future plans to destroy the world depend on them, and Summer Evening Ann can't do it all by herself. It always needs an organized and planned team to be more confident. Summer good night for the future of his men, is simply worried about the broken heart. She disguised herself very well, hiding in the heights of the zombies, and sighed. Alas.. Summer good night can not help but sigh, like her such a dedicated boss has been rare. You should cherish it. Or you will lose me! But Those who are in the dark observation of being ignored by zombies,Automatic Nail Making Machine, but do not know the pains of summer good night. They huddled and shivered. The zombies around them roared, one after another, making them feel endless fear. Escape? Can't escape at all, all directions are zombies, they are completely fallen into the encirclement of zombies, inserted wings also can't escape! Some people have wet their pants directly,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and some are crying. Some of them began to think about it, trying to make themselves less nervous. Don't worry, everything will be fine with the boss. This is just a test given to us by the boss. "Ah, the boss must be watching us in the dark, don't worry!"! Take it easy But the man who said this held the other man so tightly in his hand that he almost crushed his bones. Aw. Wocao, are you going to squeeze me to death?! I still want to live well and keep these hands to fight zombies! "Oh, sorry, sorry." The scene was very chaotic for a while. Only a dozen people, but abruptly let summer good night see how to write the word despair. Ah. Is this a kindergarten? You are all adults. Why do you only know how to quarrel and cry. Xia Wanan looked at the picture and had a toothache. Soon, the scene is more than just doing their own thing. Some people began to dislike the people next to why crying, can not help shouting: "Don't cry, noisy dead!"! Do you want to cry to attract more zombies?! "You still have the face to say, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Coil nail machine, you also wet your pants, what's wrong with me crying." I Wow, I miss my mother! The men began to quarrel. There is no need for zombies to rush up and bite and eat them. Summer night Ann feels that if they continue to develop like this, they will destroy themselves. It's really great for our own people to fight against our own people. Summer Goodnight doesn't expect to be able to get these teams to do anything. Ah. Those protagonists can always attract capable people. No, that seems a little ambiguous. Those protagonists can always attract, with their own powers, high IQ, with a variety of skills, how can this be done? Get a VIP card, krypton gold recharge, so enjoy this very good treatment? Summer good night looked at his group of men who were still fighting and felt very tired. She has been too lazy to go up to stop the fight, anyway, they love to fight or not, killing has nothing to do with her. 'Alas. Human beings. Summer Evening Ann couldn't help sighing again, "I'm so disappointed with you." Stupid. "There are human beings who are not stupid, and there are good people." While Xia Goodnight was still sighing, a voice sounded behind him. The people behind him seemed to sigh with emotion, "Oh, this is human beings." The whole person froze when the summer evening settled down. "." Wo Cao. Who is this guy?! Had it not been for the fact that Xia Goodnight had no heart now, most of his heart would have been scared to fly out. 、1120. No Chapter 1119 Doomsday Tracking 22. Summer evening Ann silently stretched out her hand and pressed her own. It's not the heart. She silently pressed her kidney and felt a little pain. Always so scared, not scared to urinate, is also the ability of her kidney ah. She turned her head and looked behind her, her face looking very cold. As soon as he looked back, he saw a zombie standing behind him. It looks very familiar. Isn't this the zombie who wants to save the world?! “…… Why are you following me? Zombie blinks innocently, "I didn't follow you." "Fart!" Summer evening immediately roared. Zombie immediately startled, wronged up, small eyes looking at summer good night, said: "I … …" I just chased you here. "You're still following me?!" Summer night gave a gasp. No I found you on the traces you left behind. Tracked for a long time. He said that he was still very aggrieved, right to the finger. Summer evening sneers, "where is your dog's nose?" "No, just a little." Zombies do not seem to regard this as a derogatory description, it seems very shy. Xia Wanan couldn't bear to watch it. *** the chicken. Hot eyes! This person is the protagonist, she is a villain, what with him? What's the point? Just do it! Summer good night thought so, and sure enough, he did it directly. As soon as she pulled out the hammer, the zombie saw it and was so frightened that she immediately pulled away from Xia Goodnight for a long time. Summer good night visual inspection, the other side of the station position, not far not near,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, just outside the scope of the hammer. This is probably the feeling that Xia Wanan is carrying a 40-meter broadsword, and the other side is just standing 41 meters away. It hurts like an egg. Summer night Ann forward one meter, zombies also back one meter. 3shardware.com

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