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Rebirth of 90 Beautiful Daughters (End)

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    One side whispers: "That daughter of the Cai family, originally not pregnant!"! I want to cheat marriage-I heard that now the Cai family and the Li family are making a lot of trouble! Mrs. Huang was happy as soon as she heard it. He hurriedly took a red peach as a free gift and stuffed it into the hand of the woman and child. "What's the matter?" He asked. As soon as the woman looked at it, she immediately showed a smile and said, "What else is going on, aunt? Originally, the Li family is not a family to be trifled with.". Moreover, that Long Aiju was even more reluctant to accept people for the sake of the girl of the Cai family who was still kicking a baby of his family boy in her stomach, but who ever thought- "" "Alas, to say that this Cai's girl is really self-abased, you all don't know, last night it was called a chicken flying dog jumping ah!"! Li Jiaming knew that she didn't want her before she was pregnant with a child, and that money and so on were wasted, but the girl of the Cai family was good. She took the initiative to go to the door and begged Li Junxiang to marry her. She was so angry that her father, Cai Jianzhong, spurted a mouthful of blood on the spot. The faces of the Cai family were really lost by this girl. "Another woman who came to buy peaches couldn't help interjecting.". Mrs. Huang sneered, "Bah!"! Sure enough, it's a cheap thing! "Oh, I said, aunt, it's a good thing your family didn't marry this man..". Otherwise ......” Mrs. Huang's nose was crooked. "Isn't that right?"! This Cai family is shameless and shameless! Didn't you want to cheat our old picker at first! Shameless little wave goods,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, fortunately our small six eyes, has long seen through her Cai Hongmei is not a good bird, just because she has been working outside, this is also delayed ah! Oh, don't mention it, don't mention.. Mrs. Huang waved her hand to show that she did not want to continue to listen to all kinds of subsequent wrangling between the two of them, which was dirtying her old woman's ears. The two women, who were also very winking,best green coffee bean extract, smiled shyly and paid their own money, then took their children home. As soon as Shiqi got up, she saw Mrs. Huang pointing to the four small bags of peaches that had been packed on the ground for a long time. She said to Shibaowu, "Xiaoliu, these four bags of peaches were sent to your aunt, uncle, uncle and uncle's house. Hurry up and go to the kitchen. Go after eating!" Chapter 118: Peach Delivery (2) When he heard this, he immediately said, "Mom, I'll go with you!" Mrs. Huang stared. Rare to put on a serious face, "this summer vacation you are afraid not to play crazy heart ah?"? School is about to start. Why don't you take it easy? What are you going to do? Hurry back to the house, wait for your mother to give you a bowl of brown sugar eggs, eat quickly review lessons, in case the knowledge of junior high school can not keep up with what to do? Although he put on a face on purpose. However, lutein eye complex ,turmeric extract powder, Mrs. Huang's eyes could not deceive people. It was clear that she was afraid of being tired, because Wumu Village was thirty or forty kilometers away from her uncle's home. It takes more than three hours just to ride a bike, not to mention that the weather is so hot now, what if my daughter gets heatstroke? Besides, her mother's family would not love her seven sons as much as she did. After all, the two brothers and sisters-in-law, the elder sister and brother-in-law, and the younger brother and sister-in-law, were all virtuous, and Mrs. Huang knew very well in her heart. That's why it's rare for her to put a face on Shiqi. Shiqiyi took Mrs. Huang's arm in his arms. She blinked and said, "But mom, I want to visit my relatives. You also said that the summer vacation is almost over. I have to live on campus in the future. I only have time to come back on weekends.". Daughter also wants to go out for a walk, moreover, six elder brothers a person is also tired! If I accompany him, there will be someone on the way to relieve my boredom, won't there be, mother? Shibaowu just wanted to say no, and he sent it quickly by himself. However, when facing the smiling face of Shiqi, Shibaowu's eyelids jumped and he immediately changed his tune and said, "Yes, Mom, time passes quickly for many people. Let my little sister go with me!" When Shiqiyi heard this, he immediately threw a winking eye at Shibaowu. Shibaowu couldn't help shivering. I have goose bumps all over my body. In the end, Mrs. Huang did not argue with Shiqi. After all, she was the one who loved Shiqi the most in this family. Naturally, she was under the soft grinding and hard bubble of Shiqi. I still said yes. So, after the morning. The small Shijiajun were still mighty, taking the net bag, Gan Niang, bucket pole and so on to go fishing for crayfish, while Shiqi sat on the bicycle and followed Shibaowu to their aunt's house. On the way. "What are your plans for the future, Brother Six?" Shiqi asked as he nibbled at the peach. Shibaowu was riding his 28 bicycle uphill when he suddenly heard his sister ask him what he was going to do in the future. He didn't react for a moment and said, "What's the plan?" Pick up seven and smack your lips. "Brother Six, do you really want to be a brick-mover all your life?" Come on, Shibaowu understood this time. He frowned and his face darkened a little. He pursed his lips and said, "Little sister, do you also think that my brother is very unpromising and has no future?" After picking up the last bit of peach meat, he threw the walnut away, "Yes, it's quite unpromising." Shibaowu ".." It hurts my heart. He sighed and continued to pedal his bicycle hard. But my sixth brother is a promising man, that's all. Shi Baowu was pleased and grinned. "What is it?" "Too timid." "What did you say?!" Shibaowu almost didn't explode! There is no one in this village who is afraid of picking up treasures! Unexpectedly, he was inexplicably told by his own sister that he was timid? ***, I want to hit someone, okay! Chapter 119: Peach Delivery (3) Shibaowu was almost in a hurry with Shiqi! He braked the car,pumpkin seed extract, turned his head, stared round and blushed. "What did you say, little sister?" Shi Qiyi's face was innocent. "Say Brother Six is timid. What's wrong?" What's the matter?. prius-biotech.com