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Become an Insurance surveyor

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    An Insurance Surveyor & Loss Assessor is a service provider associated with a registered Insurance Company. At the time of maturity of Insurance claims, if claims go beyond the defined limit of insurance cover amount, the insurance company can then appoint and send a Surveyor and Loss Assessor to determine the damage and check the authenticity of the made damage claims. Simply put, a Surveyor and Loss Assessor assesses whether or not a made claim is legitimate or not.

    The IRDA License for Insurance Surveyors is required to become a licensed Surveyor and Loss Assessor in the Insurance market. Therefore, the Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessor certificate is the authorization given by the IRDA to companies or individual entities to become an Insurane Surveyor.  

    Types of Insurance Surveyors

    Every Surveyor Registration applicant can register in one of the two types of Insurance Surveyors in the Insurance Market. In India, the IRDA registers two kinds of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessor, they are:

    • Individual Surveyors License: Issued on an individual basis
    • Corporate Surveyors License: Issued to Businesses


    What makes you eligible for Insurance Surveyor registration?

    Every Surveyor in Insurance applicant must ensure the following criteria before applying for the license registration:


    Every applicant for Surveyor and Loss Assessor must be qualified depending on the insurance claims they are hired to handle. Also, the Surveyor must be a Member of Institute of one of the following institutes:

    • ICAI
    • ICSI
    • IIRM

    They must also possess the following specific qualifications that make them eligible to apply for Surveyor and Loss Assessor:

    • Technical
    • Academic
    • Professional
    • Insurance-related


    The Surveyor applicant must clear the relevant papers of the Insurance Surveyor and Loss Assessor. The Insurance Institute of India conducts the Surveyor Exams.


    They must also undergo the required Surveyors and Loss Assessor training as specified by IRDA from time to time.

    Business Registration

    Every corporate surveyor applicant must have the necessary Certificate of Incorporation to establish itself as a licensed business entity. Either the applicant must be a Company incorporated under the Companies Act of 2013 or an LLP incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act.


    How to register for the Insurance Surveyor and Loss Assessor License?

    We have detailed the procedure for registering the Surveyor and Loss Assessor with the IRDA in the following points:

    1. Firstly, the applicant must prepare and compile the after-mentioned documents.
    2. Then, he must apply for the registration by filing the registration application online.
    3. Afterwards, the IRDA will assess the submitted application for any mistakes or incomplete or fraudulent information.
    4. Finally, if the Authority is satisfied with the filed application, they will issue the applicant Surveyor and Loss Assessor license certificate. 


    Required Documentation for application submission 


    The applicant must submit the following documents along with the Surveyor and Loss Assessor license registration application:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • MOA & AOA
    • LLP Agreement (In case of the corporate surveyor application by an LLP)
    • Duly-filled Application Form, complete in all respects
    • At most two months of the passport-size photo
    • Copy of PAN card
    • Proof of Residence
    • Proof of Educational Qualification
    • Applicant's Marks sheet supporting his claim of passing the Surveyor Examination
    • Applicant's Training Completion Certificate
    • Declaration-cum-Undertaking in the IRDAI's specified format
    • Applicant's Membership Certificate issued by the III
    • Fit and Proper statement of the Company's Directors/Partners in the proper format as per the Authority
    • Proof of licensing fee payment
    • Any other information as the Authority requires from time to time

    If you want to get assistance in filing your registration application for the Surveyor and Loss Assessor License, then you can connect with our Insurance Experts at Registrationwala.