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Manufacturing License Certificate: Packages Declarations Rules

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    Manufacturing License Certificate: Packages Declarations Rules



    Every Manufacturing License Certificate holder must be made the necessary declarations as suggested by the Legal Metrology Packaging Rules. These rules are enlisted as per the corresponding amendments to the Legal Metrology Act of India. In this article, we have enlisted some of the regulations regarding packaging declarations made by the holder of a Manufacturing License in India on packaging products.


    Declaration Regulations for the Manufacturing License Certificate holder


    Every Manufacturing certificate holder must make the declaration on a package under the following rules:

    • Declarations must be legible and prominent
    • The Manufacturer must print, paint or inscribe the numerals of the retail sale price and net quantity declaration on the package. The text color must be in contrast with the background of the suggested label.
    • If the label information is blown, formed, or molded on a glass surface, then such details must not be presented in the contrasting color
    • If the declaration on a package is done in hand-writing or hand-script, then such declarations must be clear, unambiguous, and legible to the readers
    • The Manufacturer can make no declaration to be read through any liquid commodity contained in the packaged commodity.

    Container Wrapping 

    Where a packaged commodity is provided with an outside wrapper, then such a container must contain all the relevant declarations required to appear on the real package. But if the container/wrapper is transparent, then the package declarations are easily readable through the wrapper. But the LMA requires no such declarations on the inner package if the inner package does not contain any relevant declaration on its cover.

    Allowed Declaration Scripting

    The particulars of the relevant declarations must be specified under the LMPC rules and can be in Hindi (Devnagri) script or English (Roman) script. But nothing contained in the LMPC rules must prevent the use of any other scheduled language in addition to Hindi/English scripts.

    Contact Details on Package of the Manufacturing License Certificate holder

    Every package that is kept, offered, or exposed for sale must bear on it the following:

    • Name and Address of the Manufacturer
    • If the Manufacturer is not the packer, the Name & Address of the Manufacturer & Packer
    • For imported packages, the Name & Address of the Importer

    Size Dependency for Subscriptions

    If the volume of the packages is 5 cubic cm or less, then a mark/inscription would enable the consumer to identify any of the following made on the package:

    • License Manufacturer
    • Commodity Packer
    • Registered Importer

    Details of the Manufacturer's Postal Address

    For a commodity manufactured outside India but packed in India, then for such packages, the principal display panel must contain the name and Address of the packer/importer of India. Here, the Address means the postal Address where the manufacturing factory is situated. In other cases, the street's name assigned to the Manufacturer or packer premises will be included. It will also include the name of the city and State where the Manufacturer carries out the Legal Metrology business. 


    Lastly, the declaration must also mention the Postal Index Number [PIN] Code. It will create an ease for the consumer who can locate the concerned Manufacturer. Also, the name of the Manufacturer must be its actual Corporate Name. If the Manufacturer is not incorporated, then the declaration must include the business conducted by such Manufacturer in India.


    To know more about the LMPC packaging rules for the Manufacturer, connect with the Legal Metrology experts at Registrationwala.

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