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Five Ways To Increase Your Automatic Gate's Performance

  • For almost any property, a Security Gate Lexington Ky is an excellent investment. Not only does it increase protection by allowing restricted access to your property, but it also has the potential to add value to your home by offering an elegant fixture for your entrance area, with a lot of benefits and very few disadvantages.

    Furthermore, there is some stuff you can do after your automatic gate has been built to increase its overall performance, ensuring that you receive a lot more bang for your buck with your gate unit.

    Let's Look More Closely At Five Ways To Make Your Automatic Gate More Efficient:

    Make Sure It's Well Lubricated.

    Even though it's typically a good practice to do it more frequently, it's suggested that you lubricate the pieces with your own auto gate every half-year. That's because a well-lubricated gate can open and close more efficiently while also minimizing corrosion, so it's a simple bit of upkeep that could make a big difference.

    There aren't many pieces that need to be lubricated, so it's simple to finish. Simply inspect the chain, pulley, hinges, and screw every month or two and apply a drop of lubricant to keep it working smoothly.

    Battery Backup

    Few things are more frustrating than dealing with an automated gate during a power outage, which is why a backup battery is highly recommended. This ensures that in the event of a power failure, the gate will continue to work, with most spare batteries offering a few hundred open close periods, which is enough to get you through before power is restored.

    Antenna Enhancements

    The range of a Security Gate Lexington Ky's antenna is usually between 100 and 150 feet, but this can be increased by adding a better antenna to the device.

    A hi gain antenna, for example, will double the number of antennas in an automatic gate, allowing you to monitor the gate from even further distances, which is a huge benefit for most homes, particularly those with longer driveways.

    Furthermore, a wider antenna is good for predicting the gate system's output in rural or advanced countries, where signals are often weak.

    Motor With A High RPM

    High-speed motors are a relatively recent addition to the market, but they can significantly improve the performance of your doors, making closing and opening much faster. This is particularly useful if your gate takes an excessive amount of time to open or close, which is not only inconvenient but also a potential threat, since the more it is open, the more vulnerable the house becomes.

    Gate Controls On The Inside

    Many gate systems on Driveway Gates Lexington Ky come with an internal gate controller, which is a great addition to the system because it allows you to monitor and improve the efficiency of your gate from the safety of your own home

    If you switch to a screen gate and light control, for instance, you will be able to change the settings from the inside, set automated timers for a few days and hours for better authentication, and receive alerts of any potential system faults.