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Honeycomb Perc Bong: Function and Benefits

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    Percolators have become a standard in water bongs because of how it changes one's smoking experience. Percs are discs or attachments added to a water bong or hookah that provide an additional chamber. The extra area provides increased filtration and thermal resolution, giving you a smoother, cleaner and cooler hit. There are many types of perc that you can get for a bong, and one of them is the popular honeycomb perc.

    The growing popularity of cannabis and its legalization in many states in the US has led to the invention of various smoking accessories. The market is filled with all kinds of devices and utensils for pot lovers.

    If you're a seasoned smoker and looking for accessories that will enhance your smoking experience, there are several kits you can purchase from here.

    How does honeycomb perc work?

    Honeycomb perc is a favorite among disk percolators. They are small and easy to put in your bong. Regardless of their size, honeycomb percs are one of the best among disc percs. It got its name because the holes are shaped like a honeycomb. Depending on the size of the holes, water can pass through the perc, or sit on top. A disc will have about a hundred or so holes in it, increasing the surface area of ​​the smoke. Honeycombs with small holes allow water to stay on top of the disc.

    This allows you to create a layer of perks for added filtration and filtration.


    Shaped like a shower head, these bad boys are a popular choice among percolator enthusiasts. Slots or holes are placed at the bottom of a vertical tube that flares out and draws smoke into a special distribution chamber above the water in the bottom. Usually, a shower head is located in the neck of the bong, especially in cup-shaped pieces.

    There are many benefits to using a honeycomb perc bong.

    Easy to clean

    Honeycomb perc is easier to clean compared to others that have tubes and additional compartments. You just clean your bong as usual and you don't have to worry about any special moves to get your cleaning solution to peak.



    Honeycomb percs allow you to have an extra layer of water for the smoke to pass through. This gives your bong several layers of filtration. Smoke gets cleaner and cleaner as it passes through each layer of honeycomb perc. This is best for those who experience coughing with every hit.

    There are those who shy away from using layered filtration because they feel it takes out all the good aspects of recreational smoking. However, these elements do not bind to water like all those nasty toxins. You can still enjoy the clicks with every rip you take with your honeycomb perc.


    Cold smoke

    The many holes in your honeycomb perc "split" the smoke, giving it a lot of surface area to come into contact with water. Heat transfers from the smoke to the water, cooling your smoke faster without causing it to go stale.

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