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Path of Exile-Don't forget about ascendancy


    Ascendancy points are almost like passive points, but often far more powerful, and enter special trees that assist you define your character. As you're demolishing your way through the game's acts, it are often easy to forget that the Labyrinth exists. At now in PoE's life, Labyrinth and ascendancy points are the equivalent of eating your vegetables before dessert. get on the lookout as you proceed through the sport for trap-laden "trials" which will crop up in various zones. As tempting because it is to skip these, you've got to try to to them to urge access to the various tiers of Labyrinth that offer you access to those incredibly valuable ascendancy points. If you're having trouble within the Labyrinth, you'll outlevel and outgear the primary few tiers fairly easily, especially if you discover a point life regen.

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