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Is Janene Hoskovec a SAP employee coughing at SuperStore during

  • Janene Hoskovec is an employee in SAP, formerly from Arizona, was arrested for coughing on a woman and her daughter at the Super Saver Grocery store. The store is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The video was displayed on the screen on September 3, 2021, and attracted several viewers on social media.

    Janene hoskovec was a bright student at Lincoln High School who graduated in 1984 and was appointed the president of the class. She was also an expert diver and a swimmer and was an active club member. Later, she attended the University of Colorado Boulder to attain a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1990. She also acquired a master’s degree from Arizona State University in 1997. Later, she studied engineering at the United States Air Force Academy.

    The video of Hoskovec, a 55-year-old former SAP employee, was reviewed, and the video went viral on social media. The SAP company stated in an interview that they have reviewed the situation on social media and have ensured that she is not working with SAP anymore.

    Janene hoskovec was featured in a video by tiktok and identified by a person named Danesh Guy, who is known for investigating situations and identifying people in different viral stories. Danesh also stated that he worked along with a tiktok user named Guilt and identified a video that featured Hoskovec.

    The SAP Company then posted a statement on Twitter saying that they are concerned about the safety and hygiene of the workers. They also stated that they would seriously consider the issue of the SAP employee and would investigate the situation. SAP is a large organisation based in Germany. She could not be reached by Heavy for comment on the post. She has not commented on the video or allegations made against her on social media. Even the police department of Lincoln and Super Saver did not state anything about the video.

    The video was first featured on Reedit and was created by the woman who was present near Hoskovec when she coughed. She labeled the video on the Lincoln subreddit and said that a woman at South 27th Super Saver deliberately coughed on her. Even her daughter commented on the video, and it went viral on social media. Later on, it was spread on Twitter and was also posted by the Fifty Shades of Whey, who mentioned in the tweet that Hoskovec was a COVID denier who deliberately coughed on shoppers and spread her aerosols during the pandemic situation. The shoppers were then labeled as innocent by the social media channels.

    Although the 13-year-old victim's father was not present in the store, he did mention the woman at the SuperStore on Twitter. He stated that the woman wanted to harm his wife and daughter and simply followed their steps. The lady was not wearing a mask and, hence, they were insisting the woman leave the super store, wear a mask, etc.

    Was Janene Hoskovec arrested by the police in Lincoln? Is she apologizing to the police?

    The Lincoln Police of Nebraska did not state they accused the former SAP employee. If she has coughed intentionally, then she is committing a serious offense. The state law recommends that citizens wear masks till the end of September. So, Hoskovec probably would be prosecuted for coughing deliberately in the superstore in the presence of customers.

    The SAP employer also stated that the police and law makers should seriously review the situation.

    Was she coughing deliberately at the store?

    Janene Hoskovec coughed at the superstore even without covering her face. She interacted with the woman and her daughter, sweetly saying that they were both so cute. In the video, you can also listen to her words, and she clearly states that she was not covering her face since she was allergic to masks. So, these statements by Hoskovec state she was intentionally coughing in the superstore.

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