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Fix QuickBooks Closes Unexpectedly or Keeps Crashing Error

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    Due to some problems or glitches, QuickBooks may shut down without warning because it is a complex piece of software with many features. While using QuickBooks, a user could experience an abrupt closing of the application. Loss of important company data and files may result from such effects. Occasionally, QuickBooks will abruptly close with a "Com Error" warning; this type of closure error has an unique fix. For a solution, read this entire article from beginning till end.

    QuickBooks quit unexpectedly error


    A brief review of QuickBooks Keeps Crashing Error

    Numerous users claim that whenever they launch or use the application, QuickBooks keeps closing with errors. A user might be creating a form report, an email bill, a sales contract, etc. This problem could appear at any time and stop a person from working. The automated shutdown of QuickBooks may result in the loss of any unsaved changes. Being unable to do any operations might be extremely intimidating. If it happens frequently, there may be a significant issue even though a person can handle it once or twice. Thus, it is crucial to determine what leads to this error and how to successfully fix it.

    Examples of Random QuickBooks Shutdowns 

    The following situations result in random QuickBooks shutdowns

    • QuickBooks may abruptly close when working on bills or sales orders at random. As a precaution, make sure to finish the first invoice or the most recent report before switching to the next. But, if you open more than one report at once, QuickBooks may find it difficult to operate effectively. 
    • QuickBooks may shut down suddenly and without notice due to the increased burden caused by multiple reports running at once. 
    • Users can notice that QuickBooks closes as they mail a hefty report. 
    • The problem may also show up while using a report or other applications. 

    Methods To Fix QuickBooks Keep Crashing Issue

    The QuickBooks Windows keeps shutting down issue can be successfully fixed using the following techniques. To avoid data loss, create a backup of all of your files before carrying out these instructions. 

    Method 1: Upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop with the most recent versions

    To prevent or solve such issues, upgrade your QuickBooks application to the most recent version if you are experiencing an unexpected QuickBooks Closure. Update QuickBooks, then attempt to complete your tasks once more. 

    • On your Windows desktop, locate the QuickBooks Desktop icon and use the context menu to choose Run as Administrator
    • Enter the login information for the admin account when prompted. 
    • The QuickBooks Update window will popup once you select Update QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu. 
    • To request that QuickBooks download the most recent Intuit updates, navigate to the Update Now tab and select the Receive Updates option. 
    • You must restart QuickBooks in order to apply the downloaded updates, and QuickBooks will request your approval before installing the updates. 
    • Once the updates have been installed, select the Install Updates option to update QuickBooks. 
    • Do the identical action that initially caused the error again to see whether your issues have been fixed. 


    Method 2: Launch Quick Fix My Program To fix some errors in QuickBooks

    Quick Fix My Program tool was created to address common QuickBooks Desktop problems that occur when some of the software files become damaged or cease working. The Quick Fix My Program tool can easily fix every software issue preventing QuickBooks from operating on your system in a matter of minutes. 

    • If you haven't already done so, download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub. application right away to access the Quick Fix My Program tool. 
    • If you are having problems locating the Tool Hub application, pick QuickBooks Tool Hub under the Help menu to access the Tool Hub download page. 

    QuickBooks Tool Hub Icon


    • Use the appropriate download link to the Tool, then launch the "QuickBooksToolHub.exe" installer file to begin the installation. 
    • Use the desktop shortcut to launch Tool Hub after the setup is finished. 
    • Quick Fix My Program can be found under the Program Issues tab. 

    Run Quick Fix My Program

    • Check if QuickBooks can be used without any issues using this troubleshooting method by waiting until the Quick Fix My Program tool fixes the application's problems before trying again. 

    Method 3: Rename the QBWUSER.ini File 

    It is very important to be aware that renaming this file can remove the list of previously opened company files. As a result, after renaming them, you must manually open them.  QuickBooks Closes is caused when the QBWUSER.ini file is at fault. Surprisingly, renaming this broken or missing file can be helpful. Start by applying the following solution: 

    • Go to the location where the QBWUSER.ini file was saved. If the folder isn't visible, though, think about allowing hidden folders to see it. 
    • Here, you have the option to rename the file by performing a right-click. Modify the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and add .old to the end of the file name. The QBWUSER.ini file will seem like this after modification: QBWUSER.ini.old

    Changing the name of QBWUSER.INI file

    • Reopen QuickBooks after you're done and use it for a bit to check if the QuickBooks Desktop Closes Unexpectedly error continues to appear.

    Method 4: Start the QuickBooks Desktop Application Suppressing

    When a company file is damaged, QuickBooks may abruptly close. Open the prior company file instead if you want to make sure the problem is with QuickBooks or the data file. 

    • This process can be aided by double-clicking the QB Desktop icon while holding down the Ctrl key. Be sure to hold onto these keys until the window that reads "No Company Open" shows on the screen. But, you could also experience QuickBooks Desktop Closing Suddenly or QuickBooks Freezing. 
    • Finally, select a company file and click the "Open for results" option. 

    Even after updating, if your QuickBooks still closes unexpectedly, contact the support team for immediate help. Your problems will be solved as quickly as possible by certified experts. You can reach us directly at +1800-615-2347. and we'll be happy to help.

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