How to protect your computer from threats?

  • Computer protection from virus programs, why is it so necessary? What is meant by "computer security"? This is a very broad and multifaceted concept.
    The main purpose of which is to protect computer information from outside interference of any kind from third parties. Protecting your computer from information leakage, keeping computer programs running, preventing other persons from using your computer without your knowledge, and much more - these are the main tasks that computer security solves.


    And just as small children should be constantly under the vigilant supervision of their parents , so your computer should be under reliable protection.special computer programs. In order to protect your computer from various threats, you need to install special programs or reinstall existing ones. To do this, you need to imagine what might threaten your computer.
    The first place in this list is occupied by various computer viruses. Viruses are also considered to be such a thing as spyware (certain spyware modules that are downloaded to a computer from outside without your knowledge).


    You should also avoid phishing mailing lists, which can easily get private information from the user.
    The next place on the list is occupied by hacker attacks.
    And such things as short or light passwords, and sometimes the lack of antivirus or firewall on your computer, are quite commonplace.

    The Information security engineer should work in collaboration with the information security team to offer support to security tools and technologies such as firewall, proxy server, remote access, and others.

    For the aforementioned category, timely updating of existing anti-virus or spyware databases is of great importance .

    If you use pirated software (so-called hacked programs (cracks) or key genes), remember that you can get an infected product. Do not forget that visiting sites with questionable content or reading emails with links received from unknown persons can damage your computer's security. If you follow all these simple rules and precautions, then you are more likely to protect your computer from external threats.