Scope of studying computer engineering

  • So, you have plans to study computer engineering in the UK! Have you ever wondered why despite the US being at the forefront of development of computer technology; some of the biggest names in revolutionary designs and programming in computer science are from the UK? Some of the legends of computer science from the UK are:

    George Boole - Pioneer of Boolean Algebra that is the basis of digital logic
    Alan Turing - Mathematician, computer scientist and cryptanalyst credited with formalising the concepts of the computer algorithm.
    Tim Berners-Lee - Scientist known for inventing the World Wide Web.
    Now besides that – what makes so many Indian students study computer engineering in the UK? There are multiple factors but mainly: the ROI is good, there’s good scope after you graduate and of course, there are plenty of prestigious top-ranking universities to study in the UK. Let me break it down for you.

    First, what's ROI?
    A Return on Investment indicates the salary you are more likely to draw after graduation in a field against the money you invest to graduate in that field. According to, the average salary of a junior software engineer in the UK is nearly GBP 28,028 (London) per year and that of a computer programmer is nearly GBP 30,199 per year. The average pay for a Software Engineer is GBP 35,647 per year.

    Good to know: CCNP Security Certification

    Career scope and job prospects
    With a degree in Computer Science from the UK, you can apply for the following jobs:

    Application analyst
    Data analyst
    Database administrator
    SEO specialist
    Systems specialist
    UX analyst/ UX designer
    Technical author