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6 Effective Weight Gain Tips For Women

  • Here at Halesaga, there’s one question that we are asked commonly: “what are the best tips for women to gain weight in a healthy manner?” To sum it up, it takes a planned harmony of the kitchen and gym (physical activities) to get the desired results, while the weight gainer protein also plays a significant role. 

    In this blog, we will be discussing how women can gain weight in a healthy way, ditching complexities and welcoming ease that also leads to overall wellness. 


    Weight Gain Tips for Women

    Before getting into it, there’s an alert for our readers. Never fall into the pit of eating junk to gain weight. It’s the most dangerous thing you can feed your body to add kilos to it. 

    Therefore, here are tried and tested tips for women out there to gain weight. 

         1. Double Your Calories Intake

    Calories are one of the most vital elements of any weight-related strategy. If you eat it in surplus, you will gain weight and vice versa. And increasing your calorie intake doesn’t mean loading on calories mindlessly. Consuming a balanced, nutrient-rich diet is the right approach. 

    Never ever focus on gaining weight too quickly because building healthy muscle is a time-consuming process. Quick means you are gaining fat and not muscle. 

         2. Increase Your Protein Intake

    For an adult woman, 0.8 grams of protein per kg of their weight is recommended to maintain muscle mass. Therefore, if you want to add to it, you will have to exceed the recommendation to fit in the body to wish. 

    But a sad fact is that women don’t consume enough protein which can make the weight gain process a tough task. But to give you great advice, weight gain for women is an easy plan, like whey protein. Add it to your daily diet routine and you can see the best results. 

         3. Balance Your Macronutrients

    Where weight gain is concerned, every macronutrient plays a major role & you just can’t focus on protein alone. Have carbs and fats in your diet too. 

    Carbs are a primary energy source and fats support vital functions within the body. For overall well-being, again, a balance of everything should be the focus point. 

         4. Develop a Habit of Eating Smaller Meals Frequently

    Consuming calories, in say two meals a day, could be very challenging. You can break your meals into 5-6 sittings to increase your calorie intake and reach your target easily. That way, it would be more manageable & it’s a healthy practice too. 

         5. Resistance Training

    With calories and protein, you cannot undermine the effectiveness of lifting weights, also known as resistance training. When you lift weights, it stimulates a process within the body, called muscle protein synthesis, that’s known to grow muscles in the body. 

    When you lift weights, microscopic tearing happens within the tissues of the muscles. The dietary protein that you consume further rebuilds the damaged muscles followed by an increase in lean body mass. 3-5 days a week of resistance training should be enough. 

         6. Just Be Consistent

    As mentioned before, if you are not relying on unhealthy ways, weight gain could be a time-consuming process. Your diet and exercise plan should involve things that you like. You should be enjoying what you are doing because it’s the ‘process’ that is going to take you places. 

    If you do not like what you are doing, chances are you will drop it all in between. Therefore, to stay consistent, fine-tune your diet and training. 


    Final Words

    These healthy and effective tips will definitely help you reach your desired weight gain goals. Always ensure you don’t overdo anything or it might backfire on your health. Everything in moderation and recommendation is the right approach to keep in the back of your mind. You will often be recommended to have weight gainer protein more and more, but again, keep a check always!